GenomSys develops a new generation of tools and devices for the efficient compression, storage, transport and manipulation of genomic data in conformity with the emerging ISO/IEC 23092 standard for genomic information representation. GenomSys solutions are conceived to enable genomic applications with advanced features of data access and handling as well as with a dramatic reduction of both storage costs and transfer time from sequencing facilities to storage and analysis sites. 

GenomSys is pioneering the development of a new generation of genomic information compressors and new format for genomic data that supports most stages of existing sequencing and analysis pipelines. Beyond requiring less space for the storage, the new data format provides enhanced selective access to data, interfaces for privacy protection and other features that are not available in existing formats.

GenomSys is currently collaborating with companies, research centers and scientific institutions for the integration of ISO/IEC 23092 components in existing genome analysis pipelines to reduce storage costs and enable new processing features such as data streaming. This will enable global genomic data sharing through the interconnection of sequencing facilities and storage or analysis sites to make large scale genomic data processing a reality.



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