ThinkParQ strives to create and develop the fastest, most flexible, and most stable solutions for every performance-oriented environment. Established in 2014 as a spinoff from the Fraunhofer Center for High-Performance Computing, ThinkParQ drives the research and development of BeeGFS, and works closely with system integrators to create turn-key solutions.
BeeGFS, The Leading Parallel File System 
Developed with a strong focus on performance and designed for ease of use, simple installation, and management, BeeGFS is one of the leading parallel file systems that continues to grow and gain significant popularity in the community. BeeGFS has evolved into a world-wide valued filesystem offering maximum performance, scalability, high flexibility, and robustness. 
Why BeeGFS:
1.    Performance: Well balanced from small to large files
2.    Scalability: Increase file system performance and capacity, seamlessly and nondisruptive
3.    Ease of Use: Easy to deploy and integrate with existing infrastructure
4.    Robust: High availability design enabling continuous    operations 
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