Suzanna Chiu | Head of Amadeus Ventures

Suzanna Chiu, Head of Amadeus Ventures, AMADEUS

Suzanna is the Head of Amadeus Ventures, the start-up investment program of Amadeus IT Group.  Amadeus Ventures focuses on finding early stage start-ups sitting at the crossroad of technology and travel and provide them with not only funding but also customer reach and industry expertise. Suzanna has successfully expanded the program from its infancy into an integral part of the business, driving strategic values both for the corporation and the portfolio companies. She is also part of Global Corporate Venturing Powerlist Top100 for 2019, 2020 and 2021. Suzanna came from the investment banking industry, worked in Corporate Finance / M&A advisory based out of London and Hong Kong before joining Amadeus.  She also has prior experience in consulting. Suzanna has an MBA degree from London Business School and likes travelling and photography.


World Aviation Festival Summits @ 16:45

Start-Up pitch competition

Join us to see some of the most exciting start-ups in the industry covering customer experience, airport tech, digitalisation, sustainability, AI, ML and Fintech.

last published: 30/Jun/22 11:05 GMT

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