Guy Johnson | News Anchor, Journalist And Aviation Enthusiast

Guy Johnson, News Anchor, Journalist And Aviation Enthusiast, Bloomberg

Guy Johnson is the co-anchor of "Bloomberg Markets: European Open" on Bloomberg Television, covering top business, economic and market-moving stories from around the world. He is based in London. 

Johnson brings nearly two decades of experience as a top financial broadcast journalist. He joined Bloomberg in 2012 from his role as an anchor at CNBC Europe. Earlier in his career, he served as an anchor and presenter at Financial Times Television and ITN (Channel 5). 

Throughout his career, Johnson has covered major economic and corporate events including the collapse of Barings Bank, the Internet boom and the global banking crisis. Most recently, Johnson has been at the forefront of developments in the euro zone, reporting from Athens, Dublin, Lisbon, and Rome and attending pivotal leadership summits in Brussels. For his coverage of the euro zone crisis, Johnson has interviewed many key decision makers including Irish Taoiseachs Enda Kenny and Brian Cowan, former Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou, former Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou, the International Monetary Fund's Christine Lagarde as well as José Manuel Barroso and Olli Rehn from the European Commission.

Johnson has also reported extensively on the aerospace sector covering many of the industry's landmark events such as the development and first flight of the Airbus A380.

He holds a degree in politics and international relations from Lancaster University.


World Aviation Festival - 5th September @ 08:15

Chair's opening remarks

World Aviation Festival - 5th September @ 08:35

Keynote Interview: Tony Fernandes, Group CEO, AirAsia

Low Cost industry legend and one of Asia’s most famous entrepreneurs joins us to talk about AirAsia’s huge transformation. Going from being an airline to a one-stop travel technology company. Tony will be sharing how Asia’s largest low-cost carrier is going beyond air transportation to encompass hotels, activities, loyalty and much more. Discover first-hand how AirAsia is digitalising operations and using advanced analytics and machine learning to digitise every aspect of its business and better serve customers.

World Aviation Festival - 5th September @ 08:55

Keynote interview: Johan Lundgren, CEO, easyJet

easyJet CEO Johan Lundgren sits down with Guy Johnson to discuss how the easyJet brand is moving beyond price and creating a long-term plan with a vastly wider use of data analytics across the business. Find out from Johan how the airline is radically changing its holiday business and extending its reach to the wider travel value chain. Understand more about how easyJet is embracing data driven customisation and digital capability and learn about new partnerships that will develop from its new contribution model.

World Aviation Festival - 5th September @ 09:10

Keynote Interview: Alan Joyce, CEO, Qantas

Alan Joyce joins us to discuss the challenges of balancing dual brands Qantas and Jetstar. Find out more about the airline’s future strategy for expanded growth in Asia. Learn how Qantas are looking to exploit and develop its own customer base through Amazon style personalisation. Alan will also be discussing ultra long haul and how Qantas plan to capitalise on high demand. Expanding the most trusted brand in Australia.

World Aviation Festival - 5th September @ 09:30

Keynote Interview: Sir Tim Clark, President, Emirates

Industry legend Sir Tim Clark joins us to talk innovation, growth and coping with headwinds in aviation. Gain his unique insight on how he sees digital technology driving current and future successes. Find out from Sir Tim on what he sees as the most exciting technology impacting the end to end passenger experience. Understand how he views the future of global distribution systems and the potential impact of blockchain, biometrics, AI and IoT on day to day operations.

World Aviation Festival - 5th September @ 12:25

Virgin Atlantic CEO Interview: Shai Weiss, CEO, Virgin Atlantic

New Virgin Atlantic CEO sits down with Guy Johnson to discuss:
  • Introducing Virgin Atlantics new four-year business strategy
  • Integrating Flybe to offer greater connectivity to the long-haul network
  • Implementing a new fleet of A350-1000s – Understanding more about the customer focused designed cabins and the impact of the new fare categories
  • Focussing on being best in partnering – How will VAs partnerships and joint-ventures evolve beyond 2019
  • Offering a more competitive allocation option for the new runway slots at Heathrow

World Aviation Festival - 5th September @ 12:40

Keynote Interview: Joanna Geraghty, President & COO, JetBlue

    ue’s President sits down with Guy Johnson to discuss:
  • Getting candid on innovation, brand identity, long-haul and putting people first
  • Understand more about how JetBlue are continuing to innovate using biometrics, connectivity and new products
  • Stage of competition In the US domestic market and understanding where JetBlue see growth opportunities

World Aviation Festival - 5th September @ 12:55

CEO PANEL DISCUSSION: Future airline business models – Consolidation, ultra-long-haul, evolving LCCs and new types of revenue

    What will be the further impact of consolidation and will we see any further mega-mergers? After recent failures what is the future of low-cost long-haul and does this prove that the model is not economically viable? What is the business case for ultra-long-haul routes, and does it actually make economic sense for airlines? How can airlines capitalise on passenger trends such as digital travel spending and personalisation to generate new types of revenue?
last published: 20/Aug/19 09:15 GMT

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