David Gunnarsson | Chief Executive Officer

David Gunnarsson, Chief Executive Officer, Dohop

David Gunnarsson is the CEO of Dohop. David has extensive experience in the online travel industry, where he has progressed through different roles. During David’s time at Dohop, the company has evolved from building online solutions for travellers into a tech provider for the airline industry, catering to several airlines around the globe and redefining the concept of travel connectivity in a digital world. David’s experience before Dohop includes different roles in the financial sector, where he has worked for Iceland’s biggest bank in equity sales, trading and investor relations. 


World Aviation Festival 2024 - Day 3 @ 12:15

LCC CEO Panel: As we approach 2025 how is the low-cost landscape evolving and what are the key trends emerging when it comes to predicting demand, supple chain,digital transformation and GEN AI?

last published: 12/Jul/24 09:25 GMT

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