Daniel Friedli | Managing Director and Partner
Travel in Motion AG

Daniel Friedli, Managing Director and Partner, Travel in Motion AG

Daniel Friedli is Managing Director and Partner at Travel in Motion AG. He is a solution driven travel industry consultant with extensive knowledge of the airline and air travel domain. Daniel works with airlines and other entities in the travel value chain, as well as the technology vendors serving them. He focuses on airline digital transformation of the commercial and distribution areas, retailing and customer experience, IATA’s NDC and Offer and Order transformation, contracting and RFPs of commercial systems as well as Passenger Services related business processes. Through workshops and close interaction with the customer, Daniel and Travel in Motion analyse the challenges at hand and create business strategies and translate those into viable business solutions.


World Aviation Festival 2024 - Day 1 @ 15:00

Airline Distribution and Retailing Masterclass (RSVP for airliners, only)

World Aviation Festival 2024 - Day 2 @ 12:25

Fireside chat: What does the future of Offer and Order at Emirates

World Aviation Festival 2024 - Day 2 @ 12:55

Panel: How does NDC need to further develop so that we are fully prepared for an offer-order world?

World Aviation Festival 2024 - Day 2 @ 15:10

Ancillary Panel: Are ancillaries the new loyalty programs?

World Aviation Festival 2024 - Day 3 @ 12:00

Panel: How is the distribution landscape shifting and has the relationship between airlines and OTAs finally thawed?

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