Daniel Friedli | Partner
Travel in Motion GmbH

Daniel Friedli, Partner, Travel in Motion GmbH

Daniel Friedli is a Partner at Travel in Motion GmbH. He is a solution driven travel industry consultant with extensive knowledge of the passenger airline and air travel domain.
Daniel works with airlines and other entities in the travel value chain, as well as the IT vendors serving them. He focuses on airline digital distribution, retailing and customer experience, IATA NDC, ONE Order and Dynamic Offers as well as Passenger Services related business processes. Through workshops and close interaction with the customer, Daniel and Travel in Motion work with the customers in analysing the challenges at hand, creating business strategies and translating those into viable business solutions.


World Aviation Festival Day 2 @ 11:30

Aligning customer-centricity with modern airline retailing

World Aviation Festival Day 2 @ 12:15

Panel: How can we achieve this vision of omni-channel modern retailing?

last published: 15/Aug/22 09:25 GMT

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