Identity Week features speakers representing a wide range of stakeholders across the international identity industry. These include experts from government bodies, standards groups, academia, NGOs and industry leaders.
Please see below a list of speakers already confirmed for Identity Week 2019, new expert speakers will be added regularly. For conference programme enquiries please contact Nicholas Clark Bryan

Neil Akass, Service Manager And Product Owner, DVLA UK, United Kingdom

Tor Alvik, Technical Director, Agency for Public Management and eGovernment (Difi), Norway

Roger Baldwin, Member Of The Advisory Council, Biometrics Institute, United Kingdom

Steve Bankston, Senior Director, Visa, United States

Barna Barabas, Marketing Manager, Jura J.S.P., Hungary

Philippe Barreau, Group Executive Vice President, Public Security & Identity, IDEMIA, France

Urs Becher, OVD Kinegram AG, Switzerland

Urs Becher |  | OVD Kinegram AG » speaking at SDW

David Benford, Managing Director, Blackstage Forensics, United Kingdom

Dave Birch, Director, Consult Hyperion, United Kingdom

David Black, Consultant, ID Crowd, United Kingdom

Emmanuel Kpakpo Brown, Senior Officer, Card Production, National Identification Authority, Ghana

Andrew Bud, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, iProov, United Kingdom

Alastair Campbell, Global Head Of Secure Access And Digital Identity, HSBC, United Kingdom

Debora Comparin, Chair, Id4All Workgroup, Secure Identity Alliance, France

Steve Cook, Specialist Biometrics And Fintech Consultant, Biometrics for eCommerce, United Kingdom

Adam Cooper, Chief Architect, ID2020, United States

David Davies, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, AgUnity, Australia

Pam Dixon, Founder And Executive Director, World Privacy Forum, United States

Katryna Dow, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, Meeco, Australia

Daniel Du Seuil, Program Manager And Architect Blockchain, Informatie Vlaanderen, Flemish Government, Belgium

Jaume Dubois, Member, Id4All Workgroup, Secure Identity Alliance, France

Tunji Durodola, Technical Consultant, National Identity Management Commission, Nigeria

Philippe Faure, Vice President Of Live Face Identification And Video Analytics, Gemalto, France

Griff Ferris, Legal & Policy Officer, Big Brother Watch, United Kingdom

Dr. Thomas Fisher, Researcher, Privacy International, United Kingdom

Martin George, Digital Solutions Consultant, OVD Kinegram, United Kingdom

Ian Glazer, Vice President Of Identity Product Management And Founder, Salesforce / IDPro, United States

Alan Gooden, Founding Member, Association of Document Validation Professionals, United Kingdom

Christian Goy, Managing Director, Behavioral Science Lab, United States

Patrick Grother, Biometrics Evaluator, NIST, United States

Georg Hasse, Head Of International Sales, Homeland Security Division, Secunet Security, Germany

Philipp Heindorff, Co-Founder, Fresh Compliance, Germany

Piret Hirv, Head Of Health Technology Division, Connected Health Cluster, Estonia

Prof. Martin Innes, Director, Crime And Security Research Institute, Cardiff University, United Kingdom

Prof. Martin Innes | Director, Crime And Security Research Institute | Cardiff University » speaking at SDW

Charlotte Jacoby, Head Of Division, Agency for Digitisation, Denmark, Denmark

Silvan Jongerius, Managing Partner, TechGDPR, Germany

Ana Cristina Jorge, Director Operational Response Division, Frontex, Poland

Diane Joyce, Technology Owner - Identity Services, Post Office UK, United Kingdom

Philippe Jung, Director, Product Management And Marketing, Imprimerie Nationale, France

Joanne Knight, Senior Advisor, Department of Internal Affairs, New Zealand

Steve Knight, Co-Founder And Director, The Inkjet Conference & Digital Direct Tech, United Kingdom

Matthias Köhler, Vice President, Muhlbauer, Germany

Youzec Kurp, Senior Vice President Of Id Document Solutions, Gemalto, France

Ian Lancaster, Associate, Reconnaissance International, United Kingdom

Erna Leenaars, CEO, Andrupos, United States

Emma Lindley, Co-Founder, Women in Identity, United Kingdom

Mark Lockie, Managing Director, Science Media Partners, United Kingdom

Wesam Lootah, Chief Executive Officer, Dubai Smart Government, United Arab Emirates

Bianca Lopes, CEO, Bloom Media & Consulting SLU, Spain

Tony Machin, Chairman, Association of Document Validation Professionals, United Kingdom

Tim Maiorino, Head Of Legal, HRS Group, Germany

Eve Maler, Vice President Of Innovation And Emerging Technology, ForgeRock, United States

Niall Mccann, Global Identity Lead, UNDP, United States

Scott McCormick, Head Of Compliance, HackerOne, United States

Gary McManus, Project Manager, Genesius, Metropolitan Police Service, United Kingdom

Charlie Miller, Immigration Officer, National Document Fraud Unit, Immigration Intelligence, Home Office, United Kingdom

Dr. Sohail Munir, Advisor, Emerging Technologies And Digital Innovation, Dubai Smart Government, United Arab Emirates

Tony Murray, National Protect And Prevent Officer For Economic Fraud And Crime, City of London Police, United Kingdom

Oliver Muth, Senior Principal Materials Technology – DS DEF, Bundesdruckerei GmbH, Germany

Kalin Nicolov, Senior Manager, Digital Evolution, SICPA, United States

Jim Orford, Product Manager - Digital Printing, Domino UK Ltd, United Kingdom

Fiona Penollar, Director, Passport Service, Ireland, Ireland

Marta Piekarska, Director Of Ecosystem, Hyperledger, The Linux Foundation, United States

Isabelle Poulard, Director, Passport And Driving Licenses, IDEMIA, France

Alex Puig, Founder And Chief Technology Officer, Caelum Labs, Spain

Antonia Rana, Scientific Officer, European Commission, Italy

Andrew Reeves, Sales Director Europe, Africa, Russia And Cis, Matica Technologies Inc, Germany

Bryn Robinson-Morgan, Vice President Of Product Management, Digital Identity, MasterCard, United Kingdom

Jose Rodriguez, Adofor Consultant For Mathematical Algorithms & Software, Mijas Police Department, Spain

Ralph Rodriguez, Research Scientist, Facebook, United States

Eliisa Sau, Document Expert, Estonian Police & Border Guard Board, Estonia

Pierre Scaglia, Global Segment Manager, Secure Credentials, PPG Industries, France

Catherine Schulten, Vice President Product Management, LifeMed ID, United States

Michael Schwaiger, Senior Product Manager, Secunet Security Networks, Germany

Rachelle A Sellung, Senior Scientist, University of Stuttgart / Fraunhofer IAO, Germany

Frank Smith, Former Deputy Director, Home Office, United Kingdom

Cheryl Stevens MBE, Deputy Director, Identity And Trust, Department for Work & Pensions, United Kingdom

Ashley Stevenson, Senior Director, ForgeRock, United States

Ashley Stevenson | Senior Director | ForgeRock » speaking at SDW

Mario Stoltz, Product Manager, NXP Semiconductors, Germany

Anthony Stout, Manager - Evve Products And Services, NAPHSIS, United States

Bart Suichies, Head Of Digital And Software, SICPA, Switzerland

Kristel Teyras, Market Owner Digital ID Wallet, Platform & Services, Gemalto, France

Don Thibeau, Chairman, OpenID Foundation, United States

Andrew Tobin, Managing Director, Europe, Evernym Inc., United Kingdom

Paul Townsend, Senior Account Executive, Government Systems, Acuant, United States

Frank Trautwein, Co-Founder, Fresh Compliance, Germany

Alastair Treharne, Head Of Identity Risk And Standards, Government Digital Service UK, United Kingdom

Bas van den Berg, Head Of Driving Licenses, Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW), Netherlands

Tom van der Hor, Research Officer, Research And Innovation Unit, Frontex, Poland

Michiel van der Veen, Chief Executive, EAB, Netherlands

Erik van Dijk, Chairman, Edocument Workgroup, Secure Identity Alliance, France

Sylvie Vandevelde, Head Of Marketing And Communication, Belgian Mobile ID, Belgium

Scott Vein, Project And Marketing Coordinator, GET Group North America, United States

Arun Vemury, S&T Program Manager, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, United States

Andrea Ranzato Vianello, President And Chief Executive Officer, Graphimecc, Italy

Petri Viljanen, Member, Edocuments Workgroup, Secure Identity Alliance, Germany

Kai Wagner, Partnership Development, Jolocom, Germany

Colin Wallis, Executive Director, Kantara Initiative, United Kingdom

Charles Walton, Senior Vice President, Digital Identity, MasterCard, United States

Dr. Anna Wandschneider, Document Expert, Bundeskriminalamt, Germany

Shawna Webster, Executive Director, NAPHSIS, United States

Dr. Christian Weigand, Forensic Document Expert, Bundeskriminalamt, Germany

Kristen Wenz, Global Technical Lead For Civil Registration And Legal Identity, UNICEF, United States

Julian White, Identity Assurance Advisor, Cabinet Office, United Kingdom

Dr. Andreas Wolf, Principal Scientist Biometrics, Bundesdruckerei, Germany

Yossi Zekri, Chief Executive Officer And President, Acuant, United States

Bernd Zwattendorfer, Technical Marketing Manager, Infineon Technologies, Austria