Keynote/Plenary Speakers






Jennie Brockie
Journalist, TV documentary maker and host of Insight on SBS

Hon. Julia Gillard
27th Prime Minister of Australia; Chair for Board of Directors  Global Partnership for Education

Prof. Adam Gazzaley
World famous Author, Neuroscientist, Entrepreneur and Inventor; Professor of Neurology, Physiology, and Psychiatry; University of California ; and Founder, Neuroscape (USA)

Prakash Nair
World renowned futurist, visionary planner and educational architect; Founding President and CEO, Fielding Nair International (USA)

Dr. Yong Zhao
Foundation Distinguished Professor, School of Education, University of Kansas (USA); and Global Chair, University of Bath (UK)

Dr Pak Tee Ng
Associate Dean of Leadership Learning, Head of the Policy and Leadership Studies Academic Group,
National Institute of Education (Singapore)

Bernard Salt AM
Australia’s leading social and business commentator and demographer

Mark Scott AO
NSW Department of Education

Dr. Gary Stager
Maker, Author, Innovator
Constructing Modern Knowledge

Prof. Toby Walsh
Prof. of AI

Prof. Guy Claxton
Visiting Prof. of Education
King's College London (UK)

Prof. Stephen Heppell
World renowned educator and design consultant

Anne Knock
Education Consultant
The Future of Learning & Learning Environments

Anthony Salcito
Vice President - Worldwide Education
Microsoft Australia

Jonathan Rochelle
Director of Product Management
Google (USA)

James Bell
Powerwall Business Development Manager
Tesla Energy

Brennon Dowrick
Former Olympian, Gold Medalist

Lucas Rizzotto
Immersive experience designer, AR/VR creator (USA)

Oscar Trimboli
Author of Deep Listening: Impact Beyond Words, Breakthroughs: How to Confront Assumptions

Zoe Routh
Leadership, Trainer, Adventurist, Author of Moments: Leadership When It Matters Most

David De Carvalho
NSW Education Standards Authority

Anthony Manning
School Infrastructure NSW

Dallas Mcinerney
Catholic Schools NSW

Dr Benjamin Dleveland
Senior Lecturer in Architecture at Faculty of Architecture
University of Melbourne

Prof. Katrina Falkner
Computer Science Education Research Group

Shelley Hill
Australian Parents Council

Prof. Rose Luckin
Prof. of Learner Centred Design
University College London Knowledge Lab (UK)

Michael O'Leary
Assistant Director-General and CIO
Department of Education and Training Queensland

Dr Arnaud Prevot
Language & Technology Teacher
St Agatha and Visitation Catholic School, USA

Prof. Oon Seng Tan
National Institute of Education (Singapore)

Andrew Pender
International Board Member Association for Learning Environments (A4LE); and Practice Director, P.M.D.L. Architecture and Design

Ian Ralph
MITIE Incorporated

Kathleen Donohoe
Former Director, Innovative Learning Enrivonrments
NSW Department of Educaion

Chris Keating
Victorian School Building Authority

Richard Leonard
Board Member, Learning Environments Australia (LEA) ; and Director, Hayball

Full List of Speakers

Peter Abt, Digital Technology Specialist/ Coach, Burnside State School, Australia

Richard Addiscott, Director, IT Planning, Governance & Security, Curtin University, Australia

Shirley Alexander, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education and Students) & Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education and Students), University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Ali Alyassin, Student, Cecil Andrews College, Australia

Dr. Nalin Asanka Gamagedara Arachchilage, Lecturer in Cyber Security, Australian Centre For Cyber Security, Australia

Dr. Nalin Asanka Gamagedara Arachchilage at EduTECH Australia 2018

Prof. James Arvanitakis, Dean, Graduate Studies, Western Sydney University, Australia

Dr Steven Austen, Member Board of Directors, Independent Schools Queensland & Business Manager, Whitsunday Anglican School, Australia

Dan Ayoub, Microsoft Corporation General Manager- Mixed Reality Education, Microsoft, United States

Dan Ayoub at EduTECH Australia 2018

John Bailey, Program Manager, Google Earth, Australia

Brian Bailey, Technology Innovation Manager, The University of Sydney, Australia

Brian Bailey at EduTECH Australia 2018

Heather Bailie, Teacher Librarian Library & Information Services Manager, The King David School, Australia

Louise Barnott-Clement, Principal, Ambarvale High School, Australia

Donelle Batty, Project Manager Social Media, Department of Education Tasmania, Australia

James Bell, Powerwall Business Development Manager, Tesla Energy, Australia

James Bell at EduTECH Australia 2018

Susan Bennett, Principal, Sibenco Legal and Advisory, Australia

Senator the Hon Simon Birmingham, Minister for Education, Australia

David Bond, Senior Lecturer, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Caz (Batson) Bosch, Registered Psychologist, Lee Hecht Harrison, Australia

Caz (Batson) Bosch at EduTECH Australia 2018

Gail Bray, Senior Manager Learning Development, Victoria Polytechnic, Australia

Jessica Brennan, Teacher Librarian, Armidale High School, Australia

Jessica Brennan at EduTECH Australia 2018

Kellie Britnell, Senior Education Advisor, Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner, Australia

Jenny Brockie, Australian journalist and documentary-maker, Host for the SBS program, Insight, Australia

Jenny Brockie at EduTECH Australia 2018

Catriona Bryce, Head of Outreach Team, Trove, National Library of Australia, Australia

Chrissy Burns, Chief Information Officer, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Dr Terry Byers, Director of Innovation and Learning, and Director of the Centenary Library, Anglican Church Grammar School Churchie, Australia

Dr Terry Byers at EduTECH Australia 2018

Mei Yee Chan, Deputy Director (Learning Technology), Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore

Julie Chisholm, Teacher-Librarian Junior School and K-12 Library Coordinator, Inaburra School, Australia

Chris Cividino, Head Teacher Innovative Technologies, NSW Department of Education, Australia

Chris Cividino at EduTECH Australia 2018

Prof. Guy Claxton, Visiting Professor of Education, King's College London, United Kingdom

Bill Cohen, Teacher Librarian/ ICT Integrator, Asquith Girls High School, Australia

Tanya Coli, Inspector, Primary Education, NSW Education Standards Authority, Australia

Dr John Collick, Senior Education Consultant, Promethean Ltd, United Kingdom

Ms June Cong, Product Marketing Manager, Cisco Meraki, United States

Ms June Cong at EduTECH Australia 2018

Darren Coppin, Chief Executive, Esher House, Australia

Bill Corbett, Manager Information Services, Whitsunday Anglican School, Australia

Sarah Cordiner, Executive Director and Head of Campus, University of Notre Dame, Australia

Dr Michael Cowling, Senior Lecturer in Educational Technology, Central Queensland University, Australia

Sara Cullen, Managing Director & Fellow The University of Melbourne, The Cullen Group, Australia

Sara Cullen at EduTECH Australia 2018

Stephen Davern, Customer Engineering Manager, Google Cloud, Google, Australia

David De Carvalho, CEO, NSW Education Standards Authority, Australia

Dr. Geoff Dean, Policing, Security & Terrorism Studies Griffith Criminology Institute, Griffith University, Australia

Dr. Geoff Dean at EduTECH Australia 2018

Dr Rod Dilnutt, Industry Fellow, University of Melbourne, Australia

Margaret Dowling, Librarian, TAFE NSW, Australia

Margaret Dowling at EduTECH Australia 2018

Brennon Dowrick, Former Olympian, Gold Medalist, Australia

Andrew Draper, Science and Technology Teacher, Queenwood School, Australia

Andrew Draper at EduTECH Australia 2018

Drinks hosted by Terrapinn (Event Organisers), Delegates, Speakers, and Exhibitors, Australia

Drinks hosted by Terrapinn (Event Organisers) at EduTECH Australia 2018

Daryl English, Assistant Principal, Point Cook P-9 College, Australia

Exhibition exploration and expo main stage presentations, EduTECH Expo, Australia

Exhibition exploration and expo main stage presentations at EduTECH Australia 2018

Exhibition exploration and expo main stage presentations, EduTECH Expo, Australia

Exhibition exploration and expo main stage presentations at EduTECH Australia 2018

Exhibition exploration and expo main stage presentations, EduTECH Expo, Australia

Exhibition exploration and expo main stage presentations at EduTECH Australia 2018

Prof. Katrina Falkner, Director, Computer Science Education Research Group, Australia

Paul Fallon, CIo, W Shared Services, New Zealand

Matt Farmer, Program Lead Products and Market Engagement, National Schools Interoperability Program, Australia

Pauline Farrell, Former Director, Education Leadership and Student Experience, Swinburne University, Australia

Pauline Farrell at EduTECH Australia 2018

Maciek Fibrich, Director and Educator, RTO Consultancy, Australia

Dr John Flett, Head of Educational Development, Gordon TAFE, Australia

David Ford, Partner, Emil Ford Lawyers, Australia

Janelle Ford, Deputy Principal, Claremont College, Australia

Andrew Ford, Director of Research, Learning Environment Design, Sebel, Australia

Jordan Foster, Psychologist | Cyber Safety Expert, ySafe, Australia

Steve Francis, CEO, Happy School, Australia

Dr Katie Freund, Senior Learning Designer, ANU Online, Australia

Linda Fryer, Library Manager, TAFE NSW, Australia

Linda Fryer at EduTECH Australia 2018

Janine Garner, Author & CEO, LBDGroup, Australia

Matthew Gausden, Director of ICT, St Joseph's College Gregory Terrace, Australia

Prof. Adam Gazzaley, Director, Neuroscience Imaging Center, University of California, United States

Hon Julia Gillard, 27th Prime Minister of Australia; Chair for Board of Directors, Global Partnership for Education, Australia

Alexander Goldsworthy, Learning Technologies Coach (formerly eLearning Coordinator), Caulfield Grammar School, Australia

Lael Grant, Robotics Co-ordinator, Barker College, Australia

Clinton Gribble, Facilities Manager, St Andrew's Cathedral School, Australia

Alison Haines, Team Leader - Agriculture & Rural Operations, Charles Darwin University, Australia

Jeremy Hammond, Associate Director, Research, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Sydney University, Australia

Jeremy Hammond at EduTECH Australia 2018

Brenton Harty, Director of ICT, PLC Melbourne, Australia

Lyn Hay, Director, Leading Learning Institute and Online Learning Innovation Leader, u!magine, Charles Sturt University, Australia

Richard Henderson, Director of Global Education Solutions, Lenovo, United States

Prof. Stephen Heppell, CEO, Heppell.Net, United Kingdom

Amanda Herbert, Vice President - Lifestyle Products & Interim General Manager, Australia, New Zealand & Pacific Islands, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific Australia and New Zealand, Australia

Toni Hetherington, National Education Publisher, NewsCorp, Australia

Eamon Hickey, Master Teacher, Calamvale Community College, Australia

Shelley Hill, President, Australian Parents Council, Australia

Jack Hooper, CEO, GEM Energy, Australia

Jack Hooper at EduTECH Australia 2018

Gabriella Horak, Director, What's Your Edge, Australia

Nadia Hossain, Business Development Manager, Laserfiche International Limited, Hong Kong

Nadia Hossain at EduTECH Australia 2018

Dr Jane Hunter, Senior Lecturer, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Peter Hutton, Former Principal, Templestowe College, Australia

Lisa Inglis, Teacher, Claremont College, Australia

Alanna James, Teacher, Claremont College, Australia

Bill Jarrard, Director, IACCM Australasia, Australia

Stella Jinman, Principal, Cecil Andrews College, Australia

Sarah Joshi, Microsoft Corporation Senior Program Manager- Microsoft Teams, Microsoft, United States

Associate Professor Therese Keane, Deputy Chair, Department of Education, Swinburne University, Australia

Jenny Kemp, Director of Information Services (Library), St Andrew's Cathedral School, Australia

Warren Kennard, General Manager, Ducere Global Business School, Australia

Gregor Kennedy, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning) & Director, Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education, University of Melbourne, Australia

Prof. Mike Keppell, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Learning and Teaching, Taylor's University, Malaysia

Anne Knock, Education Consultant, The Future of Learning & Learning Environments, Australia

Anatoli Kovalev, Program Manager - Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor Education, University Of NSW, Australia

Greg Kovich, Director, Global Education, Alcatel - Lucent, Australia

Keith Krueger, Chief Executive Officer, Consortium for School Networking, United States

David Lang, HR and Management Trainer, Open Colleges, Australia

Dr Melissa Langdon, Manager, Strategic Partnerships and Engagement, Learning Futures, Curtin University, Australia

Terja Lange, ICT Manager, Goodnews Lutheran College, Australia

Terja Lange at EduTECH Australia 2018

Margaret Lawson, Teacher Librarian, Mater Christi College, Australia

Di Laycock, Head of Library Services, The King's School, Australia

Martin Levins, President, Australian Council for Computers in Education, Australia

Martin Levins at EduTECH Australia 2018

Mr Ken Lin, Information Services, Rosebank College, Australia

Mr Ken Lin at EduTECH Australia 2018

David Linke, Managing Director, Edugrowth, Australia

David Linke at EduTECH Australia 2018

Jason Lodge, Associate Professor of Educational Psychology, School of Education, The University of Queensland, Australia

Stephen Loquet, Chief Information Officer, NSW Department of Education, Australia

Jenny Luca, Head of Digital Learning and Practice, Wesley College, Australia

Prof. Rose Luckin, Prof. of Learner Centred Design, University College London Knowledge Lab, United Kingdom

Sandra Maher, ICT Director, Brighton Grammar School, Australia

Simon Maizels, Director, Integration Competency Centre, Information Technology Directorate, Australia

Karen Malbon, Teacher Librarian, Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, Australia

Marcia Mardis, Associate Professor and Assistant Dean for Interdisciplinary Research and Education, iSchool@Florida State University (USA), United States

Chris Marley, Regional Solutions Manager, SEQTA Software, Australia

Stephen Marriott, Senior Associate, Moray & Agnew, Australia

Sue Matthews, Business Manager, Coromandel Valley Primary, Australia

Brett McCroary, Teacher, TAFE NSW (South Region), Australia

Ryan Mcivor, Solutions Specialist, Microsoft, Australia

Ryan Mcivor at EduTECH Australia 2018

Susan McLean, Director, Cyber Safety Solutions, Australia

Reyna Mendes, National Head Trainer, Barrington Training Services, Australia

Reyna Mendes at EduTECH Australia 2018

Andrew Merrick, Consultant Engineer, Queenwood School, Australia

Michael Milford, Chief Investigator, Australian Centre for Robotic Vision, Australia

Mitch Miller, IT Manager, St Luke's Anglican School, Australia

Mitch Miller at EduTECH Australia 2018

Edmund Misson, Communications, Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership, Australia

Jo Mithen, Chief Executive Officer, Monash College, Australia

Prakash Nair, Founding President and CEO, Fielding Nair International, United States

Mutinta Nanongwe, Student, Cecil Andrews College, Australia

Dr Pak Tee Ng, Associate Dean, Leadership Learning, National Institute of Education Singapore, Singapore

Cameron Nicholls, Principal, Trafalgar Primary School, Australia

David Nichols, Senior Infrastructure Engineer, Central Coast Grammar School, Australia

Delvene Nielson, Head of Customer Success, Clickview, Australia

Kieran Nolan, Educational Technologist, Wooranna Park Primary School, Australia

Dr Grainne Oates, Senior Lecturer in Accounting, Swinburne University, Australia

Garrett O'Hara, Senior Technical Consultant, Mimecast, Australia

Michael O'Leary, Assistant Director-General and CIO, Department of Education and Training Queensland, Australia

Paul Oppenheimer, CIO, RMIT, Australia

Claire Orange, Counsellor and Accredited Resilience Trainer, Mental Health Author and Spokesperson, Australia

Dr. Richard Owens, Head of Teaching and Learning, Woodleigh School, Australia

Tim Oyston, Facilities Manager, Sydney Church of England Grammar School, Australia

Tim Oyston at EduTECH Australia 2018

Louise Park, Literacy expert & children's author, Australia

Andrea Patrick, Chief Procurement Officer, NSW Department of Education, Australia

Don Perlgut, CEO, Community Colleges Australia, Australia

Barbara Pesel, Managing Director, Pesel & Carr, Australia

Kent Peters, Director of Business, Canberra Grammar School, Australia

Daniel Pinchas, General Manager – Teaching and School Leadership, Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership, Australia

Karen Player, Manager Museum Outreach Engagement, Exhibitions & Cultural Connection, Australian Museum, Australia

Fiona Plunkett, Team Leader, Agriculture And Rural Operations, Charles Darwin University, Australia

Gil Poznanski, Creative Technologies Activator, City of Melbourne, Australia

Dr Arnaud Prevot, Language & Technology Teacher, St Agatha and Visitation Catholic School, United States

Dr Ragnar Purje, Adjunct Lecturer, CQUniversity, Australia

Chelsea Quake, Junior Campus Library Manager, Sandringham College, Australia

Dr Stanley Rabinowitz, General Manager, Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority, Australia

Naomi Raiz, Senior Advisor, eSafety Commissioner, Australia

Naomi Raiz at EduTECH Australia 2018

Ian Ralph, President, MITIE Incorporated, Australia

Bernie Rasenberger, Regional Channel Manager, D - Link Corporation, Australia

Nathan Riggir, Maker/Media Space Coordinator, University of Wollongong, Australia

Lucas Rizzotto, Immersive experience designer, AR/VR creator, United States

Matthew Robinson, ICT Manager, Lowanna College, Australia

Jonathan Rochelle, Director of Product Management, Google, United States

Zoe Routh, Leadership, Trainer, Adventurist, Author of, BOOK: Moments: Leadership When it Matters Most, Australia

Alison Ryan, Steam Coordinator / Makerspace Manager, Point Cook P-9 College, Australia

Anthony Salcito, Vice President - Worldwide Education, Microsoft Australia, Australia

Bernard Salt AM, Australia’s leading social and business commentator and demographer; author and columnist; and Managing Director, The Demographics Group, Australia

Mark Scott AO, Secretary, NSW Department of Education, Australia

Brad Seaman, Chief Executive Officer, Ikon Institute, Australia

Joyce Sendeckyj, Head of Library, Christian Brothers College - St Kilda, Australia

Prof. Robyn Slattery, Director of Education, CCS, Monash University, Australia

Andrew Smith, CEO, Educational Services Australia, Australia

Daniel Smith, Director, Leaf Architecture, Australia

Chris Smith, Head of Strategy, JobReady, Australia

Amanda Snashall, Director (Acting), Intelledox Digital Transformation Centre, ANU, Australia

Amanda Snashall at EduTECH Australia 2018

David Soede, Director of ICT, Central Coast Grammar School, Australia

Wes Sonnenreich, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Intersective, Australia

Wes Sonnenreich at EduTECH Australia 2018

Scott Sorley, Executive Director (ICT Services), University of Southern Queensland, Australia

Karen Spiller OAM, Principal, John Paul College, Australia

Ralph Springett, Education Technology Manager, Wellington Institute Of Technology, New Zealand

Ralph Springett at EduTECH Australia 2018

David St George, Former Director, Brand, Marketing and Communication, Tafe Queensland, Australia

Gary Stager, Founder, Constructing Modern Knowledge, United States

Gary Stager at EduTECH Australia 2018

Rob Steffler, Dean of Studies, Glasshouse Christian College, Australia

James Stewart, Director of ICT & Learning, Barker College, Australia

Hon. Robert Stokes, Minister, NSW Department of Education, Australia

Roxanne Summer, Head of Educational Resources; CoT Leader - Conference Convenor, Bialik College, Australia

Prof. Oon Seng Tan, Director, National Institute of Education Singapore, Singapore

Phil Tarbox, National Sales Manager, D - Link Corporation, Australia

Oscar Trimboli, Author of Breakthroughs & Deep Listening, Oscar Ttrimboli, Australia

Andrew Trnacek, CEO, Higher Ed Services, Australia

Eric Tsui, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Mark Tyler, Inspector, Technology Education, NSW Education Standards Authority, Australia

Danielle Vandenberg, Head Teacher of English, Ambarvale High School, Australia

Vijay Varadharajan, Global Innovation Chair in Cybersecurity, University of Newcastle, Australia

Mark Verbloot, Director of Systems Engineering, Aruba, Australia

Jennie Vine, Assistant Principal, Wooranna Park Primary School, Australia

Robert Vinokurov, General Manager, Dell Client Solutions, Dell Australia, Australia

Dr Rebecca Vivian, Research Fellow, Computer Science Education Research Group, Australia

Mark Vollmer, Principal, InspirePro, Australia

Prof. Toby Walsh, Professor of AI, UNSW, Australia

Jonathan Walter, Principal, Woodleigh School, Australia

Monica Williams, Educational Consultant, Association of Independant Schools SA, Australia

Rachael Williams, Manager, Education & Government, HP, Australia

Sandra Wills, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Learning and Teaching, Charles Sturt University, Australia

Sandra Wills at EduTECH Australia 2018

Dr Janelle Wills, Associate Director, Marzano Research, Solution Tree Australia; Education Consultant, Hear and Learn, Australia

Eric Wilson, Risk Services Manager, Lutheran Education Queensland, Australia

Elizabeth Wilson, CIO, Department of Education and Training (VIC), Australia

Daniel Wolf-Clark, Chief Executive Officer, Education Horizons Group, Australia

Tom Worthington, Honorary Lecturer in Computing, The Australian National University, Australia

Justin Yee, Head Teacher - Teaching and Learning, Ambarvale High School, Australia

Rodney Zandbergs, Design Manager, Toll Group, Australia

Dr Yong Zhao, Professorial Fellow, Mitchell Institute for Health and Education Policy; Foundation Distinguished Professor, School of Education, University of Kansas, United States

Roni Zimmer Doctory, Senior Design Consultant, Fielding Nair International, United States