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  • Enrich Learning Experiences with Situational Training using Immersive Technologies [Singapore Focused]

    Wednesday 30 June 2021

    16:00 [SGT / GMT +8]

    With limited opportunities to venture out of the classroom due to various constraints, educators need not worry about students missing out on experiential learning. By leveraging on Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) capabilities, students can be immersed in real-life environments that add a deeper level of understanding. From hazardous locations to difficult customer interactions or futuristic simulations, you could create any situation with striking realism to enhance the learning experience. This panel discussion explores how leveraging the potentials of immersive technologies can support training, research and exploration.

  • The future of ICT jobs - everything you need to know

    Thursday 01 July 2021

    17:00 [SGT / GMT +8]

    Educators must ensure that their students will be equipped with the skills that they need to be part of the digital age’s agile, future-ready workforce. Those looking to get into the ICT field are at a key point in the industry, and the opportunities are rife. To effectively provide this knowledge to their students, educators also need to continuously upskill. The ICT market has evolved in a way that everything is defined by components in the cloud, mobile computing and Internet of Things devices. In this talk, Cesar Brod will illustrate how ICT careers have evolved and what you and your students should do to be attractive to the market.

  • Teaching through Storytelling

    Thursday 15 July 2021

    17:00 [SGT / GMT +8]

    Remote learning has made capturing student attention even more challenging. As online learning continues for the foreseeable future, teachers must continue to find new ways to pique and sustain student engagement. However, the key may lie in weaving brilliant stories into classroom plans. A mixture of mediums, images, music and sound can bring lessons to live and illustrate complex concepts in a digital space. In this talk, Cesar Brod will provide some examples of Linux Professional Institute’s learning materials can help support educators in constructing stories for their lessons.

  • LPIC-1 - Teaching Strategies and Tips on Hard-to-teach Topics

    Thursday 19 August 2021

    17:00 [SGT / GMT +8]

    Information Communication Technology (ICT) skills are a critical part of daily life today, making ICT knowledge an essential competency that employers expect in graduates. Educators are tasked with embedding ICT as an integral part of their curriculums, preparing their students to enter a digitally driven workforce. Professional certifications such as those endorsed by the Linux Professional Institute (LPI), provide validation, and prove of ICT skills students have acquired through college and university education. In this talk, Cesar Brod will walk-through the anatomy of certification exams, best practices as an effective LPIC trainer and how to teach certain LPIC-1 topics.

  • Has Data Migration Been Accepted as a Challenge in the Pharmacovigilance Industry?

    Wednesday 10 November 2021

    11:00 [EST]

    In an industry as complex and measured as pharmacovigilance, “change” is a dreaded word. Years are spent in putting up processes, tools and software in compliance with different regulations. Thus, safety systems stay in place, no matter how obsolete they become with the evolution of technology.

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