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  • Supercharging UK plc with 5G – exploring the economic opportunity

    Monday 06 July 2020

    14:00 [GMT +1]

    What will 5G mean across UK industry.

  • Update From Inspector-General Of Taxation And Taxation Ombudsman (IGTO) With Some COVID-19 Insights

    Monday 06 July 2020

    10:30 [GMT +10]

    Hear about the role of the Inspector-General of Taxation and Taxation Ombudsman and how this may assist you especially during COVID-19. With your input, IGTO can improve the tax outcomes not just for a single complainant but ultimately the administration of taxation laws for ALL taxpayers.

  • Viettel’s journey to an international-awarded Online Charging System with Aerospike

    Tuesday 07 July 2020

    17:00 [GMT +8]

    Viettel Online Charging System (vOCS) has won many international rewards for its great QoS in servinghundreds of millions of telcos's users. We are going to be a general-purpose charging system, not only for telcos, but also for mobile money, highway toll stations, and much more. We are archiving more and more, with a close cooperation with Aerospike. Key points: - Our adaptive architecture. - How Aerospike accelerates our product. - Our achievements.

  • Exploring how digital identity technology and policy are being shaped in the Global South

    Tuesday 07 July 2020

    10:00 [GMT+10]

    Digital Identity can mean different things for different people, places and purposes. In some places people do like being identified, while in others it is culturally avoided. There is a soft line between the right to identity, inclusion and privacy that must be sharply understood and safeguarded. Join Alexandre as he will be delivering a glimpse of how Latin America has adopted digital identification technologies which has become an emerging and rapidly increasing trend in digital government systems. He will paint a general picture of what is meant by digital identity and the diverse impacts it can have across geographies and sectors.

  • From Asia to Global: Central Bank Digital Currency Developments

    Wednesday 08 July 2020

    14:30 [GMT +8]

    Join this exciting free webinar session, brought to you by R3, as we explore the opportunities Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is creating for the banking industry and how regulators, banks and corporates can work together to drive it forward. Key areas for discussion include: CBDC developments in Asia: Who’s leading the way and how is CBDC challenging the definition of money as we know it? Key regulator considerations in supporting digital currency growth – what does the industry need to adopt blockchain for cross-border transactions and what do regulators need to see from the industry? How blockchain can resolve economic development limitations and power decentralized payments systems Current business use cases on Corda What’s coming next? Moderator: James Gan, Managing Director, Accenture Panelists: -Willy Lim, Strategic Advisory Consultant, Global, R3 -Nelson Chow, Chief FinTech Officer, HKMA -Dr. Vachira Arromdee, Assistant Governor, BOT -Antony Lewis, Associate Director, Temasek

  • How do we reach Digital Inclusion timelines? The case for non-terrestrial networks

    Tuesday 14 July 2020

    17:00 [GMT +8]

    Given today’s circumstances, keeping families in touch, enabling work and study from home, and supporting first responders are even more critical. Helping the entire world stay connected has become a shared goal. Global connectivity requires an intricate ecosystem of partners, each providing their expertise, and the satellite industry plays a unique role in offering coverage for backhaul connectivity in all parts of Asia-Pacific. With only 48.8% in Asia-Pacific connected online, how can satellite operators, telecommunications industries, and government organisations collaborate to achieve digital inclusions and connect users today? What does the future hold for this dynamic partnership, and how can the next-generation, multi-orbit satellite communications systems help bridge the digital divide? Speakers: • Harsh Verma, Sales Director for Asia Fixed Data Segment at SES Networks • Christian Olsson, Senior Manager Segment Market Management, Telco MNO ISP at SES Networks

  • Customer-centricity

    Tuesday 14 July 2020

    14:00 [GMT +1]

    Evolving the customer relationship is a central pillar of digital transformation

  • Driving renewable investment in MENA: energy financing and sourcing capital for projects

    Thursday 16 July 2020

    13:00 [GMT +2]

    Amid growing energy demand, the Middle East and North African (MENA) region is steadily increasing the share of renewables in its energy mix. There is currently almost $76 billion worth of projects planned or underway and governments are spending heavily on the renewable energy sector which is likely to attract $35 billion in investments by the end of 2020. The MENA region is considered an attractive market for renewables due to an abundant availability of solar and wind resources and also for the fact that it has received some of the lowest renewable energy prices awarded globally for solar PV and wind energy. This panel will address sustainable energy financing in the region, new methods of attracting investment for projects and explore the criteria for investing in renewable energy projects in the region in the context of recent market developments.

  • NG-PON2: Preparing for the next generation of fibre connectivity

    Tuesday 21 July 2020

    14:00 [GMT+1]

    The potential of NG-PON2 for broadband speeds and the services it will support

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