2022 Speakers


Mai Lan Avery, Head of ECommerce, Averee

Leon Avery, Head of CPaaS ANZ, 8x8

Mark Baartse, Chief Marketing Officer Advisor, MarkBaartse.com consulting

Mark Baartse | Chief Marketing Officer Advisor | MarkBaartse.com consulting » speaking at Seamless Australia

Michael John Banina, Growth Manager, Bitshares Labs Inc.

Michael John Banina | Growth Manager | Bitshares Labs Inc. » speaking at Seamless Australia

Will Banks, Chief Executive Officer, Challenger Capital

Matt Baxby, CEO - Australia, Revolut

Sachin Bhatia, Chief Growth Officer, Exotel

Laura Binns, General Manager, Terrapinn

Laura Binns | General Manager | Terrapinn » speaking at Seamless Australia

Armaan Brar, Payments Partnership, APAC, Uber

Armaan Brar | Payments Partnership, APAC | Uber » speaking at Seamless Australia

Nick Briscoe, Country Manager, Currencycloud

Camilla Bullock, Chief Executive Officer, Emerging Payments Association Asia

Edward Butler, Founder & Director, DeftContent

Edward Butler | Founder & Director | DeftContent » speaking at Seamless Australia

Andrew Carroll, Director, OmniGrowth

Catherine Cervasio, Founder, Aromababy

Catherine Cervasio | Founder | Aromababy » speaking at Seamless Australia

Hianyang Chan, Senior Consultant, Euromonitor International

Vandana Chaudhry, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Andisor

Vandana Chaudhry | Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer | Andisor » speaking at Seamless Australia

Chetan Chauhan, Marketing Manager - APAC, VWO

Mal Chia, Founder, Mal Chia & Associates

Cameron Church, Director, Market Planning - Fraud & Identity, LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Elyse Collat, Director, Wild Thing Co

Chris Collins, Senior Director - Business Development, Gupshup

Yvette Costi, Chief Marketing Officer, Blooms The Chemist

Yvette Costi | Chief Marketing Officer | Blooms The Chemist » speaking at Seamless Australia

Zoltan Csaki, Co-Founder, Citizen Wolf

Steffen Daleng, Chief Marketing Officer, Booktopia

Lipakshi Das, Head of Online, Sheridan-Hanes Brands Australasia

Lipakshi Das | Head of Online | Sheridan-Hanes Brands Australasia » speaking at Seamless Australia

Karl Durrance, Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand, Stripe

Karl Durrance | Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand | Stripe » speaking at Seamless Australia

Will Feutrill, Customer Insights & Strategy Director, Blackhawk Network

Mohamed Fikhane, Subject Matter Expert Director, S2M

David Giddy, Principal, Quill Peak Consulting

Krish Gosai, Head of Cryptocurrency Law, Salerno Law

Jason Greenwood, Founder & Lead Consultant, Greenwood Consulting

Darren Gunton, General Manager Marketing, Total Tools

Magnus Hsu, Co-founder & COO, mx51

Geoff Huens, Co-Founder and Director, Beer Cartel

Sophie Imbert, Head of Customer Experience & Transformation, Russell Investments

David Janovic, Managing Director, RJ Living

Rob Kaldor, eCommerce, Omni-Channel Retail Strategist and Consultant, eTales - Strategy and Podcasts

Rob Kaldor | eCommerce, Omni-Channel Retail Strategist and Consultant | eTales - Strategy and Podcasts » speaking at Seamless Australia

Jackie Kallman, Head Of Payments Industry, ANZ

Dominic Khoo, Head, Emerging Payments and Receivables, GLCM Product, HSBC Australia

Kirsten Kore, Co-Founder, Designerex

May Lam, Partner, APAC Payments Leader, Oceanie Fintech Leader, EY

Naomi Lang, Account Executive, Stripe

Naomi Lang | Account Executive | Stripe » speaking at Seamless Australia

Frankie Layton, Founder, The Dirt Company

Louise Lysaght, Head of Customer Experience, HotDoc

Louise Lysaght | Head of Customer Experience | HotDoc » speaking at Seamless Australia

Alexander Maron, Head of Operational Risk, Volt Bank

Mangala Martinus, Managing Director, Payments Consulting Network

Christian McKelvie, Head of Marketplace, Catch.com.au

Kosta Metaxiotis, Director of Strategy and Consulting (Founder), Consult Lab

Kosta Metaxiotis | Director of Strategy and Consulting (Founder) | Consult Lab » speaking at Seamless Australia

Danielle Millar, General Manager, Shona Joy

Mark Nagy, CEO, DataMesh Group

Mark Nagy | CEO | DataMesh Group » speaking at Seamless Australia

Mahesh Narayan, Global Product Lead - Mobile Money & E-Commerce, Standard Chartered

Fernando Pacheco, Fintech and Banking Thought Leader and Advisor, Consultant

Ian Parke, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, FIN-PAY

Ian Parke | Founder and Chief Executive Officer | FIN-PAY » speaking at Seamless Australia

Jacob Parker, Director & Founder, Fiskil

Jacob Parker | Director & Founder | Fiskil » speaking at Seamless Australia

Nita Prakash, Head of Customer Service & Operations, Digital Banking-as-a-Service, Westpac

Charlie Russell, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Limelight Networks

Charlie Russell | Senior Product Marketing Manager | Limelight Networks » speaking at Seamless Australia

Anthony Russell, Head of Customer Experience, MyDNA

Mahaveer Shah, Chief Marketing Officer, FEITIAN Technologies Co., Ltd

Matthew Skerritt, Founder, EVERYHUMAN

Matthew Skerritt | Founder | EVERYHUMAN » speaking at Seamless Australia

Rebecca Smith, Group Chief Marketing & Digital Officer, Frank Green

Rebecca Smith | Group Chief Marketing & Digital Officer | Frank Green » speaking at Seamless Australia

Airi Sutherland, Head of Marketing, Billini Shoes

Rajesh Thadani, Executive Director - AP E-Commerce, Lenovo

Rajesh Thadani | Executive Director - AP E-Commerce | Lenovo » speaking at Seamless Australia

Christian Westerlind Wigstrom, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Monoova

Suzie Young, Head of Digital & Direct Marketing, Signet

Mario Zheng, Head of eCommerce ANZ, DJI

Mario Zheng | Head of eCommerce ANZ | DJI » speaking at Seamless Australia



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