Mangala Martinus | Managing Director
Payments Consulting Network

Mangala Martinus, Managing Director, Payments Consulting Network

Mangala Martinus is managing director of Payments Consulting Network, a boutique management consulting firm focused on the payments industry in Asia-Pacific, and Merchant Pricing Hub, which supports Australian businesses lower the cost of payments. He has over 29 years’ experience in financial services and payments, specialising in developing innovative business strategies based on detailed market and financial analysis. Consulting clients include major financial institutions, card schemes, payments processors and technology providers. He is currently focused on assisting clients in the retail, hospitality and not-for-profit sectors optimise payments acceptance. He developed Merchant Pricing Hub’s Pricing Comparison service which helps small businesses reduce the cost of payments (in-store and online) by presenting competitive pricing from a range of payment service providers – a unique feature of this service is that all the firm’s earnings are donated to charity.


Seamless Asia 2022 - Day 1 @ 09:00

E-Commerce 2025: Creating competitive advantage in a post pandemic world

  • What does the future of eCommerce look like and what are the trends emerging post the pandemic?
  • How can eCommerce businesses prepare for the future and adapt to meet changing customer expectations and shopping behaviours?
  • How can you create differentiation for a competitive edge in retail and eCommerce?

Seamless Asia 2022 - Day 2 @ 10:00

PANEL: Uniting an Ecosystem to Reduce the Complexity of Cross-Border Payments

  • How can payment technology players step up efforts to better integrate alternative payment methods that serve to enhance cross-border payments
  • The opportunities and challenges for payment ecosystem players, particularly in SEA markets
  • The role local governments and industry bodies play in the advancement and enablement of cross-border commerce
  • How greater collaboration between alternative payment players in the industry will help to ensure greater financial inclusion amongst those overlooked by traditional financial institutions
last published: 23/Jun/22 07:55 GMT

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