Jean Thomas | Chief Marketing Officer
Pomelo Fashion

Jean Thomas, Chief Marketing Officer, Pomelo Fashion

Jean Thomas is the Chief Marketing Officer at Pomelo, a leading omnichannel fashion platform in Asia. Prior to joining Pomelo, he previously served as the Chief Marketing Officer at Alibaba-backed Lazada where he spearheaded all marketing initiatives in Singapore across Lazada and RedMart. Jean has a vast range of experience in marketing and eCommerce across APAC, having previously worked at Wego, Vinomofo, SmartBuyGlasses and Ogilvy & Mather.


Seamless Asia 2022 - Day 1 @ 14:30

PANEL: Taking a multi-channel approach to building loyalty

  • Understanding the role of the customer lifecycle in building long term loyalty for brands
  • How brands can better focus on customer acquisition and also customer retention through different channels
  • How both of these journey points play a critical role in building long term customer loyalty

Seamless Asia 2022 - Day 2 @ 13:30

KEYNOTE FIRESIDE CHAT: Reassessing strategies for the next generation of eCommerce experience

  • User Experience can encompass a lot - getting customers to discover your website, design of the website, performance, seamless buying journey, frictionless payment – What metrics should you measure in evaluating customer experience?
  • Your search engine rankings are now partly determined by your Google Core Web Vitals score. What is your perspective on CWV, have you made changes to improve your CWV scores, and if you had access to realtime data about your CWV scores, how could that help your business?
  • How are you ensuring a secure experience, for example with services such as DDoS protection, WAF and bot management?
  • How do you target the right customer in the right channel with the right advertising, search engine optimization and other marketing, and then retain them?
  • What initiatives are you taking to make it frictionless, experiential and available to everyone everywhere?
  • Websites are more personalized and dynamic than ever. The old days of static websites are behind us. How are you dealing with dynamic content (inventory levels, pricing specials, colors, recommending additional items, delivering personalized experiences, etc.)?
  • What challenges do you face building an eCommerce platform? If the team that builds your website / application could release twice as fast, what do you think you would do with that extra time?
  • How is technology such as A-B testing helping you optimize your brand in the market?
  • How do you envision the future of e-commerce?
last published: 23/Jun/22 07:55 GMT

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