Hari Krishna | General Manager
K.B.Z. Bank

Hari Krishna, General Manager, K.B.Z. Bank

Hari is a digital financial inclusion expert, mentor and motivator. He is on a mission to drive and accelerating financial inclusion agenda in emerging markets. For more than a decade, he has influenced and transformed lives of 15 million unbanked population in 2 continents, Asia & Africa, as part of digital transformation. He held many senior roles to built digital financial ecosystems in Citibank, SCB and KBZ Bank. In his recent endeavors, he was instrumental in onboarding 3 million unbanked individuals through digital wallets and mobile app banking. His thought leadership and efforts in financial industry is transforming the financial inclusion landscape rapidly.


Day 1 - Payments, Banking & Financial Inclusion @ 11:30

PANEL: Driving financial inclusion in Asia – more than just banking

  • What are the key value drivers to accelerate digital financial inclusion in Asia?
  • What are the gaps and barriers in driving digital financial inclusion?
  • How mobile wallets, digital lending and insurtech platforms are transforming financial inclusion landscape?
  • Post COVID, howfintechs are going to drive & accelerate digital financial inclusion in agriculture and MSMEs?

Day 1 - Payments, Banking & Financial Inclusion @ 13:00

PANEL: The role of technology in financial inclusion

  • How technology innovations will drive digital financial inclusion?
  • What are the key distribution technologies to accelerate digital financial inclusion?
  • Post COVID, will blockchain and AI/ML play a vital role in driving financial inclusion agendas in emerging markets? If yes, how?
  • How can APIs and tech startups accelerate digital financial inclusion?
  • What are the major technology constraints or barriers to building best digital financial inclusion ecosystem in developing economies?
last published: 02/Jul/20 02:25 GMT

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