Chiraag Sehvani | Head of Retail Sales SEA & Commercial Sales

Chiraag Sehvani, Head of Retail Sales SEA & Commercial Sales, Flokk

Sales and business development professional specialising in Retail with experience in various industries and markets. I double up as a Digital Marketing and eCommerce consultant focused on bridging online and offline retail.


Seamless Asia 2022 - Day 2 @ 12:00

PANEL: Winning omnichannel: What you need to be doing and why

  • When looking back to the pandemic time, to your understanding/based on your observations, what are the most important changes in terms of the retailing landscape in Asia during the pandemic time, and why?
  • What are the major differences when setting and implementing an effective omnichannel strategy in Asia, compared to other regions? [Consumer behaviour / ESG / Infrastructure / Culture, etc.]
  • How about the Greater China Region, East Asia (Japan & South Korea) and SEA region? What are the major factors businesses need to be careful of when adapting different omnichannel/retailing strategies across those markets? [Consumer behaviour / ESG / Infrastructure / Culture, etc.]
  • When talking about omnichannel, people tend to focus on the e-commerce strategy and its connection to the physical retailing network. However, after such a tough 3 years, and for the Greater China region, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic still there, may I ask what is your opinion/understanding of the meaning or role of “Physical Space” post-pandemic time?
  • Adoption of Technology – the boom of e-commerce before the pandemic time is mainly driven by the high penetration of smartphones and mobile apps. Now we have many more fancy technologies including NFT, Metaverse and BNPL which improve the overall shopping and payment experience, what shall businesses do during the next generation of technology advancement? Do they need to do anything at all? If yes, then what and how?
  • ESG has been the hottest topic before, during and after the pandemic time, does the ESG agenda have anything to do with the future omnichannel strategy? What and why
last published: 23/Jun/22 07:55 GMT

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