Financial inclusion will only truly be a reality when we share, collaborate and partner.

The conference programme and format has been designed specifically with this in mind featuring inspirational stories, innovative ideas and fiery debates covering:

  • The state of financial inclusion in Asia
  • Microcredit
  • Microinsurance
  • Microsavings
  • Financial inclusion regulation
  • Financial empowerment for women
  • Financial inclusion in the age of fintech 
  • Ecosystem approaches to financial inclusion

Over two days we will bring together the people who, really, can drive the change needed to bring financial inclusion to Asia:

  • Financial institutions
  • Payment providers
  • Governments and central banks
  • Mobile network operators 
  • Technology companies 
  • Consultants
  • Law firms
  • E-commerce merchants
  • Multi-national corporations
  • Fintech startups

Fintech startups are a very important part of the solution.
We will be inviting the very best of these to present their ideas throughout the event.





Contact Soo Min Lee  on +65 6322 2336 or email