BAORUH Electronic Co., Ltd.

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Baoruh was founded in 1980. Since inception we have been assisting customers worldwide in a great variety of automotive industries. Our customers come to us for our hardware design and embedded software expertise, which we apply to help them develop innovative, customized and durable embedded devices used in vehicles, public transportation and fleet management. Baoruh focuses on providing full suites of hardware solutions including circuit diagram drawing, PCB layout, mechanical design and manufacture, and also embedded software platforms combining real-time operation systems, IP network, safe file systems, USB and industrial protocols into an integrated product with low cost and high performance. Furthermore, Baoruh provides powerful back end servers that allow our customers to instantly track the location and access various information of a specific vehicle within the fleet online. Our existing products include ticket system equipment, contactless IC smart card validators, e-commerce trading machines, vehicle trip recorders, driver consoles and so on. With our extensive experience and professional development team, we can shortly create products with high quality and reliability that meet our customer’s requirement.