Tony Ohlsson | Chief Analytics Officer
Volt Bank | Australia

Tony Ohlsson, Chief Analytics Officer, Volt Bank

Tony has extensive experience in financial services and advanced analytics in senior leadership roles in Australia, and with major banks globally. Tony is the founder of global Data Science consulting group AlphaZetta and led Teradata’s International Centre of Excellence for financial services, retail and communications industries and now brings his expertise to the role of Chief Analytics Officer at Volt Bank.


Seamless Summit Day 2 @ 11:20

A new frontier in banking - digibanks & neo banks

  • The millennial customer, aided by the fast-paced, mobile driven world, has a notoriously short attention span, so how do banks attract and engage with them
  • Managing the full customer lifecycle online – from KYC to credit scoring
  • Digibanks and neo banks – the new way to bank?
  • What lessons can traditional banks learn from emerging challenger banks?
  • Exploring partnership opportunities: How much appetite is there?
last published: 01/Jul/19 01:05 GMT

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