Sriram Srinivasan | Head Of Global Digital Servicing
Standard Chartered Bank Singapore | Singapore

Sriram Srinivasan, Head Of Global Digital Servicing, Standard Chartered Bank Singapore


Seamless Summit Day 2 @ 14:50

AI in banking - new challenges, new opportunities

  • Increase revenue, improve employee effectiveness and enhance customer experience using AI
  • Identifying where AI to can have most significant impact existing processing capabilities
  • Will AI ultimately just replace jobs or does it create an opportunity to deploy your workforce differently?
  • How can you deploy chatbots and RPA effectively at the beginning? What are the key challenges you need to prepare for?
  • What is the potential for deploying AI as a key part of your risk management strategy? How effective is the technology in credit scoring and other risk management tasks and how quickly can it be implemented?
last published: 01/Jul/19 01:05 GMT

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