Sandeep Indurkar | Head Digital Payments
ICICI Bank Limited | India

Sandeep Indurkar, Head Digital Payments, ICICI Bank Limited


FREE Seamless Asia On Floor Sessions Day 1 @ 16:00

Going digital: An Indian Case Study

Seamless Summit Day 1 @ 14:20

Driving financial services & payments development through leapfrogging

  • China and India appear to have bucked the transition to cashless by leapfrogging the cards stage and going straight to the e-payments point, and Indonesia seems to be going the same way – so what can we learn from them?
  • What are the key reasons for this leapfrogging? Is it something that everyone can do, or do you need a specific set of market conditions to make it work?
  • What can other growing economies learn from their experiences?
last published: 01/Jul/19 01:05 GMT

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