Kunal Patel | Fintech Advisory Member
Yes Bank | Indonesia

Kunal Patel, Fintech Advisory Member, Yes Bank

Kunal Patel is a thought leader and practitioner in the Financial Services and FinTech space. As Director of Product Management & Marketing at Tagit, a FinTech organisation in Singapore, I help connect banks to the FinTech ecosystem through a Mobile Backend-as-a-Service platform to enable their digital banking services. He has additional perspectives, leading product development and strategy efforts from within banking institutions, payment acquirers and telecoms operators. Kunal writes and speaks about banking and technology trends, advises and mentors several start-ups and key industry conferences in the financial and payments space.


Seamless Asia 2018 - Day One @ 17:10

Panel: Is demonetisation the best way to ensure mobile payment adoption?

  • What challenges will demonetisation strategies create?
  • How will mobile-based P2P payments help overcome the challenges created by demonetisation?
  • Evaluating best practice merchant acquisition strategy for mobile wallet platforms
  • How can mobile wallet providers retain customers?

Seamless Asia 2018 - Day Two @ 11:40

Device v bank v fintech: Who will consumers choose for P2P?

  • Exploring the critical factors influencing P2P payments growth
  • How banks will survive the P2P payment revolution
  • What features can P2P fintech providers push to keep a competitive advantage?
  • Driving P2P product growth through effective customer segment strategy

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