Juliana Chua | Head of Digital Transformation
Income | Singapore

Juliana Chua, Head of Digital Transformation, Income

Juliana Chua is Head of Digital Transformation at NTUC Income, Singapore’s largest composite insurer serving the protection, savings and investment needs of more than 2 million customers and a total assets of over S$37 billion. At Income, Juliana heads the programme that strategize and digitize INCOME’s core businesses through design thinking and agile methodology.
Juliana has a background in International Business Management (INSEAD), Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Stanford, US), IP Law (NUS Law), and Computer Science (Loughborough, UK). She has worked across continents in the US, China, Japan, India, UK, Singapore and is an inventor to 6 patents/applications and designs for upstream innovation.
Prior to Income, Juliana is Director of the IP Office of Singapore (IPOS) International where she forayed the IP office into US, China, Japan and Singapore markets for strategic partnerships She has also previously served the World #1 innovation leader – IBM UK, Asia leading IP law firm – Spruson & Ferguson, Singapore #1 tech transfer office– Exploit Technologies of A*STAR, Japan MNC – Nitto Denko, as well as launched 2 startups into markets worldwide.


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