Bruno Zysman | CEO Dominopos Pte Ltd
Dominopos | Singapore

Bruno Zysman, CEO Dominopos Pte Ltd, Dominopos

Bruno started his career by developing loyalty and close wallet solutions for MNCs, based on smart card technology when e-commerce just started in years 1990.
After having deployed hundreds of loyalty and close loop wallet solutions worldwide he turned to payment technologies in years 2000 as a payment software Director at INGENICO group, specialised in EMV software development for contact and contactless INGENICO Payment terminals.
After the born of the first iPhone in 2007, Bruno started to work on mobile solutions to bring proximity "call to action" to users in brick and mortar retail, for payment and for proximity marketing.
He became soon a NFC technical solution provider and test center for mobile manufacturer,
He is currently the CEO of Dominopos, a Singapore based company. He successfully deployed an O2O platform ( to bring back shoppers to brick and mortar retail, helping the retail industry to get back the footfall lost from e-commerce boom and from the change of habits of purchase of new generations of shoppers.
With the raise of the omnichannel marketing, he is now focusing in helping the retail industry ecosystem to accelerate its digital transformation through the Retail Tech, and he is passionate about the challenging re-invention of the new retail space.


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