Balaji Kapsikar | Head of Technology & Cyber Risk
Funding Societies

Balaji Kapsikar, Head of Technology & Cyber Risk, Funding Societies

Balaji has 13 years of experience in information and cloud security, and currently Heading technology and cyber risk initiatives at Fintech Funding Societies Pte Ltd. He has a master’s degree in computer application and is proficient in a wide range of security and risk platforms along with certifications like CISSP, CISM, CRISC. CDPSE, ISO27001 LA, CPISI, CEH  Balaji has a proven track record in safeguarding organizations against various cyber threats and is skilled in cybersecurity, data security and privacy, AI security, IoT security, and emerging threats in AI, the metaverse, and quantum technologies. Besides, Balaji is passionate about helping various teams and multiple stakeholders on various cyber risk-related matters to drive business outcomes that aid their success and growth. His commitment extends beyond professional realms, as a certified mentor, he mentors aspiring cybersecurity professionals, demonstrating a passion for nurturing talent and contributing to the cybersecurity community. His global recognition is highlighted by his presentations at major conferences and his insights published in renowned platforms, establishing him as a thought leader in the field.

Balaji is a speaker at AISA Australian Cyber Conference CyberCon2023, Global ISC2 Spotlight Conferences, Cyber Security Summit Singapore, ISACA GTACS 2023 Conference, CISO Singapore 2023, Secure Asia Pacific, 


Seamless Asia 2024 Day 2 @ 10:40

Panel: Unmasking the shadows: Navigating the future of paytech in the face of fraud

Explore the evolving strategies employed by fraudsters and discover innovative solutions to stay ahead of the curve. From cutting-edge technologies to industry best practices, we'll illuminate the path forward, ensuring a secure and resilient future for paytech. 

Seamless Asia 2024 Day 2 @ 14:20

Panel: Fortifying the digital shield: Securing cybersecurity and data privacy in the future of banking transformation

This panel discussion explores the critical importance of cybersecurity and data privacy in the evolving landscape of banking transformation. Experts from the cybersecurity, technology, and financial sectors will gather to discuss the challenges and strategies for fortifying the digital shield in an increasingly interconnected and digitized banking environment.

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