Abhishek Ranjan | Chief Technology Officer, CSC e-Governance Services
Ministry Of Electronics And Information Technology | India

Abhishek Ranjan, Chief Technology Officer, CSC e-Governance Services, Ministry Of Electronics And Information Technology

I completed my engineering from Birla Institiute of Technology Mesra and then worked on several Goverment projects including the public distribution system and elections management system prior to joining the Aadhaar project where I worked as a member of the core technology team which designed and built the Aadhaar platform. During the Aadhaar days I also built the biometric attendance system implemented in the government of India as well as Jeevan Pramaan the digital life certificate which facilitates pension disbursements for the retired and is widely adopted across the country. 
I moved to CSC SPV in the year 2015 as the CTO where in my responsibility was to drive and built the technology to deliver and implement the csc  2.0 scheme digital India program to the remotest of the country through various products and services like authentication services based on Aadhaar, Fintech applications for banking services deliver and application to promote cashless transactions and so.
CSC scheme is one of the nine pillars of the Digital India Programme and through the CSC network the government programmes are reaching to the remotest of the country. CSC programme envisages setup of 300000 lakh plus front end services deliver and access points to deliver government citizen services & business services in the digital age.


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