Tng Jin Kit | Chief Operating Officer
Imin Technology Pte Ltd | Singapore

Tng Jin Kit, Chief Operating Officer, Imin Technology Pte Ltd

Tng Jin Kit is the intern COO of Imin Technology Pte Ltd and had been spending the last 19 years working in the IT industry, providing retail businesses and companies with process improvement and IT solutioning. He moved to China in 2012, bringing his expertise in retail and retail technology from Singapore to China. He spend the next 7 years in china, which happen to be the most rapid growth period of the Chinese internet space, and became the COO of one of the most promising SAAS company in China. In 2019, he decided to return back to Singapore, bringing along with him the most innovative Chinese technology and localizing it to fit into the digitization initiative by the Singapore Government.

Kits deepest interest now lies in developing digital tools that helps aggregates useful data, analyze them and generate strategic information that improves the efficiency and productivity for companies and business owners.


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last published: 01/Jul/19 01:05 GMT

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