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Seamless Summit Day 1

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Welcome remarks

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Opening Remarks

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Keynote Address: World Bank

Panel discussion
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A cashless future - Enabling change through policy

  • What can governments do to enable and drive the change?
  • How to work with the private sector to integrate the informal economy into the banking system
  • What are the key factors limiting the transition and what can be done about them?
  • Building trust: How to drive the cashless agenda in countries that are traditional much more comfortable using cash
Miguel Soriano, Digital Financial Services Specialist Consultant, International Finance Corporation
Paul Stoddardt
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Keynote Presentation: Payments at the speed of life

Panel discussion
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Banking 3.0: The omnichannel journey

  • Why moving from a transaction driven model to a customer driven model is the best decision for your business
  • How to effectively combine digital and human channels to create a seamless omnichannel offering and what omnichannel banking really means to your business
  • Changing your retail footprint: microbranches vs digital branches
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Exhibition visit & networking refreshments

Panel discussion
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Enabling blockchain - Policy perspectives

  • Creating balanced, proactive regulation that encourages innovation and market competition in blockchain
  • Can a regulatory sandbox help advance blockchain effectively?
  • Working with the private sector – a good idea?
  • How to strike the proper balance between innovation and oversight
  • Lessons learned from across the world - who is doing it right?
Panel discussion
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Blockchain & enterprise: Real-world use cases

  • Blockchain – what it really means, how to move beyond the buzz word and why it’s so much more than just Bitcoin
  • How blockchain innovations are starting to appear in everyday life and what that means to enterprise
  • Getting started with blockchain in your business: How much should you be doing and when?
  • Learning from others: What successful blockchain initiatives are there in the payments, banking and finance space and how can we learn from them?
  • How to drive adoption – getting buy in from your staff and your customers
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Networking lunch & exhibition visit

Panel discussion
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Driving financial services & payments development through leapfrogging

  • China and India appear to have bucked the transition to cashless by leapfrogging the cards stage and going straight to the e-payments point, and Indonesia seems to be going the same way – so what can we learn from them?
  • What are the key reasons for this leapfrogging? Is it something that everyone can do, or do you need a specific set of market conditions to make it work?
  • What can other growing economies learn from their experiences?
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Platinum Sponsor Address

Panel discussion
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Driving financial inclusion in Asia

  • Driving payment regulations change to facilitate greater financial access and financial inclusion as part of the cashless agenda
  • The role of fintech and innovation in financial inclusion
  • What financial inclusion initiatives are working across Asia, and how can we bolster them?
  • Identifying the key demographics to target with financial inclusion initiatives: Who are they and how do we reach them?
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Exhibition visit & networking refreshments

Panel discussion
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Unlocking the power of your data: Going from big data to big insights

  • Leveraging big data to better understand, engage and protect your customers
  • Interpreting your data – how can you get started and what are the real benefits to banks and fintechs?
  • Getting buy in: Building data tools and platforms with users at the centre
  • Overcoming data compliance and privacy concerns
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Platinum Sponsor Address

Bidyut Dumra
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KEYNOTE: Accelerating digital transformation in banks

  • Creating a seamless customer experience: Blending the virtual and physical worlds into one
  • Putting the customer journey at the core of your innovation drive
  • Creating an innovation culture: Who do you need to get on board and how can you ensure their buy in?
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Networking cocktail reception

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Seamless Summit Day 2

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Organiser’s welcome

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Chair's opening remarks

Sreeram Iyer
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KEYNOTE: Business banking in Asia

  • Banks earn a large portion of their profit from their enterprise clients, however most of the press regarding banking innovation is focused on retail banking, so how can we change that?
  • What are the innovations that will increase revenues from enterprise clients?
  • Driving omnichannel innovation in enterprise banking
  • Applying customer focused learnings and initiatives from retail banking to enterprise banking: Where do we go from here?
Panel discussion
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Policymaker perspectives - Driving inclusion, innovation & institutional stability

  • How to strike the balance in policymaking between driving innovation and maintaining oversight
  • Collaboration opportunities between the public and private sector to allow for inclusion and innovation in a stable environment
  • Using test grounds – such as sandboxes – to allow technology to become sustainable in a risk-free environment
  • How can policymakers support banks and fintechs in driving innovation and inclusion initiatives? And what do they want to see in return?
Victoria Richardson, Chief Strategy Officer, Australian Payments Network
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Platinum Sponsor Address: BPC Banking Technologies

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Exhibition visit & networking refreshments

Panel discussion
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A new frontier in banking - digibanks & neo banks

  • The millennial customer, aided by the fast-paced, mobile driven world, has a notoriously short attention span, so how do banks attract and engage with them
  • Managing the full customer lifecycle online – from KYC to credit scoring
  • Digibanks and neo banks – the new way to bank?
  • What lessons can traditional banks learn from emerging challenger banks?
  • Exploring partnership opportunities: How much appetite is there?
Preeti Mundhra, Head Of Marketing And Partnerships - Liv., Emirates NBD
Panel discussion
Seamless Summit

Banks & fintechs - new partnership paradigms

  • How to create an environment where banks and fintechs are working in collaboration, not competition
  • Drive costs down, accelerate innovation & build customer service: Three key opportunities for bank and fintech partnerships
  • Using these partnerships to speed up the scale up, and reach more bankable customers
  • Learning from fintech agility: How can banks harness the nimble nature of fintechs to create new opportunities?
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Networking lunch & exhibition visit

Victor Lo
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Security: Preparing your operations for a digital future

  • With new opportunities, come new risks. So how do banks ensure they are secure?
  • Driving your cybersecurity strategy with technology: Balancing investment and results and securing buy-in from your business leaders
  • Using cybersecurity to enhance the customer experience and build better relationships
  • Upskilling your workforce: Making sure your team has the right skills to execute your cybersecurity strategy
Sriram Srinivasan
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AI in banking - new challenges, new opportunities

  • Increase revenue, improve employee effectiveness and enhance customer experience using AI
  • Identifying where AI to can have most significant impact existing processing capabilities
  • Will AI ultimately just replace jobs or does it create an opportunity to deploy your workforce differently?
  • How can you deploy chatbots and RPA effectively at the beginning? What are the key challenges you need to prepare for?
  • What is the potential for deploying AI as a key part of your risk management strategy? How effective is the technology in credit scoring and other risk management tasks and how quickly can it be implemented?
Panel discussion
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Driving innovation - Labs, accelerators & more

  • Making innovation an organizational priority and creating an innovation culture
  • Should you bring innovation in-house with your own lab or should you partner with an accelerator?
  • How to work effectively with start-ups, whether in house or through a partner: What can you learn from each other?
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Exhibition visit & networking refreshments

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KEYNOTE: Lifestyle banking opportunities - Embedding yourself in your customers' lives

  • Using technology and partnerships to create personalised experiences in banking
  • How you can add value to your customers’ lives and build long-lasting relationships that will help drive profitability
  • Balancing personalisation and trust
Panel discussion
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To the future - Banking, payments & financial inclusion in 2030

  • Changing business models: What does a “traditional” bank look like in
  • Will cash even exist?
  • Do we expect a continued proliferation of fintechs or will it stabilise? Who will drive the innovation?
  • How much of a role will blockchain and AI play and what does the workforce look like?
  • What new disruptions are on the horizon?
Sandeep Deobhakta, Regional Chief Bancassurance Officer, Manulife Financial Asia
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Close of Seamless Summit 2019 - see you in 2020!

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