Sreejith Narayanan | Head - Marketing Technologist & Customer Success
Netcore Solutions

Sreejith Narayanan, Head - Marketing Technologist & Customer Success, Netcore Solutions

Sreejith has almost a decade of experience in helping companies enhance their marketing through digital and automation strategies.  
Based in Malaysia, Sreejith leads Netcore's International customer success team and helps some of the largest brands in South East Asia, Middle East, and Africa upscale their marketing automation efforts, improve customer experience and deliver enhanced results and improved RoI. 
Sreejith's expertise cuts across industries including eCommerce, Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, Retail, and Media.


Seamless Vietnam Day One @ 12:30

Marketing Automation Secrets that Drives E-Commerce Customer Engagement

In this session Sreejith will share marketing automation tactics and strategies that help engagement and conversion.Sreejith will also share examples of success that you can start using immediately

Seamless Vietnam Day Two @ 14:30

Marketing Automation Secrets that Drives Customer Engagement

last published: 07/Nov/18 11:08 GMT

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