Christian König | Founder
Fintechnews Singapore

Christian König, Founder, Fintechnews Singapore

Chris is a Fintech Specialist with 15 years Investment Banking experience. He consults Fintech and Investment companies around the world (Singapore,Vietnam,Switzerland) with his company Finanzpro Ltd and is specialized in Financial Products, Social Media and Content Marketing.  He is a sought after Fintech Speaker, Fintech Mentor and a Digital Finance Lecturer. On top of that he runs several Blog projects such as Fintechnews Singapore and other award winning Finance Blogs. He holds a Master in Banking in Finance from the famous Swiss University in St.Gallen and is Certified International Investment Analyst.  He is also the organizer of the Fintech Vietnam Meetup and one of the Top Fintech Vietnam experts. 


Seamless Vietnam Day One @ 15:00

Exploring Vietnam’s fintech and start-up economy

last published: 07/Nov/18 11:08 GMT

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