Chris Chae | Director

Chris Chae, Director, Fin2B

15 years' experience in the UK, Austria, South Korea (home), Vietnam, with a sold formal eduction (MSci Computer Science at UCL University of London), he became a specialist in e-Commerce and global management, pioneering platform business; CEO and Founder of WJ Centre (digital content distributor with network of 127 countries), former Head of Int'l Business, Korean branch of YS Group. Now he serves Fin2B as CRO and General Director of Fin2B Vietnam, driving innovative business in B2B Supply Chain Finance (SCF).


Seamless Vietnam Day One @ 09:30

Supply chain financing solutions to SME

The current economic climate is forcing many companies to better manage liquidity and strengthen their balance sheet. However it is hard to keep up especially during the period of economic recession. Supply chain finance (often referred to as SCF/Supplier Finance/Reverse factoring) can be an attractive way for companies to improve their working capital position.From the Fin2B platform transactions, SME suppliers can get early payment of their account receivables with lower discount rate, whilst both buyers and investors can have stable investment opportunities with higher return. It can also provide buyers with great tools to effectively manage supply chain.

Seamless Vietnam Day Two @ 12:00

Supply chain financing solutions to SME

last published: 07/Nov/18 11:08 GMT

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