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Promote Your Presence and Increase Interactions Onsite

You’ve booked your stand and now it’s time to make sure that you get the most from your participation at Seamless Vietnam. These marketing tools will help you engage your potential prospects even before the show!


1. Participate in our co-marketing programme

As a sponsor/exhibitor at Seamless Vietnam 2018 we invite you to participate in our co-marketing programme. This programme is provided to you at no additional cost. The co-marketing programme is designed to help you to leverage your investment and gain maximum marketing from your participation at the show.

Please complete the following forms

Remember, the earlier you submit your forms, the earlier we can begin promoting your presence at the show, and the more brand exposure you will get. 


2. Add the event banner to your email signature 

A quick and easy way to let everyone know you’re exhibiting at Seamless Vietnam is to add the event banner below to your email signature and get your team to do the same.

  • Right-click and save the image below

3. Use social media

Announce you’re exhibiting at the show on Twitter using  #seamlessvn     or mention us on Facebook   @seamlessasiaexpo


4.  Send personalized invitations

  • Identify the 10-20 key contacts that you really want to visit your stand and get your team to invite them to attend, before your competitors do!
  • Register them into the VIP Programme as above


5. Send mass email invitations

This is the best way to make sure everyone on your email database knows about your prescence at the event. Invite them to visit and connect with you again at your stand.

Don’t have time to create an email invitation? We can create one for you and even send it to your data to make things really easy.  Request your personalized email invite here 


6. Send a press release  

Are you launching a new product at the show? Do you have something exciting to tell the media? Then make sure you send your media contacts a press release around the show so they know about it.

It should be A4, 2 pages max, and includes your logo/booth number/PR contact.

Need help?   View the guide to creating a Press Release here 

Extra tip:   Send us your press release so we can include any exciting launches in our pre-event marketing as well as the onsite Press Kits for the our media and press partners who are attending the show!


7. Dates to note


Event Preview - 10th September

Submit the 'Share a Key Feature..' form in point 1 by  10th September 2018  if you are interested in having your information in our exclusive Event Preview . Be sure to also send your company logo and product categories to your Account Manager/Business Development Manager . Our Event Preview will be sent out to our database and promoted across our social media, email, adwords channels. So don't miss out!


Press Release and Exhibition VIP Programme - 24th October

Submit your press release and the names of those you want to nominate to the VIP Programme in point 1 by 24th October. 


8. Add the event logo to your marketing materials 

Create your own invites, emails or adverts with the Seamless Vietnam logo

  • Right-click and save the image below 



If you have any questions about the marketing process, or have any suggestions to better it then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Marketing Manager, Danelle Filipinas at d anelle.filipinas@terrapinn.com



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