Filmetrics Corporation


Established in 2009, Filmetrics Corporation is your trusted technology partner that brings together biometrics, mobile system and data analytics to produce secure business solutions for all your work units anytime, anywhere.


Our core technical expertise is the acquisition of biometric data from iris, fingerprint and facial characteristics which can be integrated with access control tools, PVC cards, radio frequency identification (RFID), encrypted quick-response (QR) codes and mobile devices. Our products and services has built a quality track record with long-term customers including the biggest Philippine pension and retirement fund, the country's postal service and private sector-managed infrastructure projects among others. 


Anchored on Identity Management Solutions, Filmetrics Corporation does not only authenticate identity and transactions but also ensures the reliability of data in IT systems, enabling companies to make smart business decisions and reduce second-guessing. Being a customer-centric company, we take pride in doing collaborations within and outside the organization, making our products and services highly customizable and accessible to all our clientele. Locally available with diverse management team, Filmetrics Corporation can deliver holistic and effective solutions, customized applications and guaranteed continuous support and maintenance to meet any company’s identification needs.