Zeend Inc.


Zeend.com is an e-commerce platform that offers digital transformation of brick-and-mortar MSMEs all over the Philippines by offering free website. It empowers local businesses by providing them online presence and allowing them to display their products and transact online using different payment options. Businesses can signup online and for free. Business owners can easily and conveniently signup even without technical background in creating a website.

Zeend.com platform is uniquely designed that each region is represented down to the provinces and finally to the towns and cities. In each town and city will show the different businesses but local products and tourist attractions were ranked first. 

With digitally transformed brick-and-mortar MSMEs, this will revolutionize remittance allowing OFWs and domestic senders to buy specific products, services and pay bills for their family and friends instead of sending cash. This would avoid the money being used in other purpose that what was intended by the sender.

Zeend.com is digital transformation of MSMEs and a best alternative for cash remittance.