Fintech Alliance PH

Fintech Partner,Exhibitor

Comprised of leading digital companies generating over 90% of FinTech-initiated transactions volume in the country today with more than 40 global and local partners. It is the Philippines’ largest collaboration among shakers and movers in the digital space operating in the country to co-create value aligned with Sustainable Development Goals in addressing poverty through inclusive digital finance; to further stimulate human-centric and green innovations in order to better promote shared growth, and to foster thought leadership while creating an environment in contributing to the country’s economic and social development.

Aimed as a self-regulating organization with the objective of setting industry standards including the institutionalization of Code of Ethics in the digital space and adoption of Code of Conduct among its member-companies in support of and in compliance with existing laws and regulations particularly on promoting transparency, consumer protection, financial literacy, excellence, and global best practices.