Competitive Cards Solutions Phils Inc.


Competitive Card Solutions Phils., Inc. (CCS) is an auto identification company providing expansive products selections, professional services, and full solutions implementation to organizations and people across the country.

Our products and services are used for Physical and Logical Access, Time and Attendance Monitoring, Video Surveillance, Card Solutions and Photo ID Printing, Document Authentication, Inventory Management, Point of Sale, Loyalty and Membership Program, and related applications.

We carefully select and deliver products from trusted brands across the globe to provide top-of-the-line solutions to a variety of enterprise environments in the country. As a customer-centric company, CCS values interaction within and outside the organization, making it approachable and accessible to all its clientele. Locally available, economically friendly, with reliable aftercare services, CCS matches innovative products with personalized support to meet any organization's identification needs.