OpenWay Group


OpenWay Group develops WAY4, an innovative e-payment processing framework. WAY4 software solutions are used by over 130 banks, processors, payment switching, telecom and oil companies in Europe, the Americas, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Westarted with headquarters in Belgium in 1995 and have grown into a global company with 12 offices around the world.

Our portfolio consists of WAY4 Card and Merchant Management, ATM and POS Switching, Omni-Channel Banking, Prepaid Cards, E-Commerce, Mobile Payments, Digital Wallet, DCC, Fuel Cards and other solutions. WAY4 covers both front- and back-office of processing and omni-channel management.

WAY4 is the choice for companies looking for cost-efficient, real-time payment processing, product and service flexibility, speed-to-market, mobile and cloud innovations, scalability and high performance. Our clientsrely on OpenWay’s expertise to migrate smoothly from rigid and expensive legacy systems to the modern WAY4 payment platform.

Live WAY4 installations operate to high performance levels, for example issuing and authorising 174million cards on a single platform and processing 14.8 million POS/ATM clearing transactions daily by a single acquirer.
WAY4 solutions are certified by MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, Diners Club, JCB, UPI and PCI SSCCouncil (PA-DSS compliant).

Known for our commitment to long-term relationships, OpenWay serves customers locally and provides global support. Today our team unites approximately 520 payment businesses, digital technologies and security professionals.