Winzendy Tedja | CEO
Yuna+Co | Indonesia

Winzendy Tedja, CEO, Yuna+Co

Winzendy started his career on the digital world in 2008 when he co-founded a web development company called XITUZ. The company evolved into a digital agency as time passed and it eventually got acquired by WPP-AUNZ on 2012, in which XITUZ was rebranded into XION. Post-acquisition, Winzendy was the managing director of the agency in which it grew significantly from a 20 people agency to 100 people by 2016, handling a multitude of different brands from different categories.  Winzendy himself is very much rooted in digital strategy and hoping that he would be able to extend his knowledge and experience to bring more digital innovations.  


Seamless Indonesia 2017 - Day 1 @ 14:30

Putting data at the heart of product development and strategic planning

  • Harnessing the complexity and volume of e-commerce data
  • From data to campaigns and campaigns to execution
  • ​Ensuring a focus on frontline engagement and capabilities

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