Rudi Rusdiah | CEO
Accessindo Pratama Pt | Indonesia

Rudi Rusdiah, CEO, Accessindo Pratama Pt

Dr. Rudi Rusdiah is the Chairman of ABDI (Association Big Data Indonesia) and Vice Chairman of Mastel ( ICT Society). From 2014 to 2015, he served as a member of Indonesian National Cyberdesk society. He also serves the Chief Editor for news portal and online magazine Komite.ID. 

He is a member of TKTI (Tim Koordinasi Telematika Indonesia), where he oversees the drafting of RUU Cyberlaw; he lectures at University Budi Luhur on ICT Strategy & Policy; Data Security; Data Transmissions.

Dr. Rudi recevied his Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering from Carleton University 1979, Ottawa, Canada, Alumni PPRA XLII/2008 of Lemhannas  (National Resilience Institute), MA International Relations, University GajahMada 2009, Doctorate Degree in Economic (Sustainable Development), University Trisakti.


Seamless Indonesia 2017 - Day 1 @ 17:30

Big data-driven digital transformation: Making the case for modernization in Indonesia

  • How banks and other institutions can leverage big data technology to solve their problems and change their business
  • Making sense of unstructured data: opportunities and challenges
  • ​Humanising IOT for the masses and greater economic potential

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