Rohit Kumar | Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Rosebay Consulting | Indonesia

Rohit Kumar, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Rosebay Consulting

Mr. Rohit Kumar has core expertise in management consulting and business IT strategy. For the past 3 years he has assisted several Japanese multinational companies formulate their financial technology strategy in South east Asia including branchless banking, e-wallets, e-money and application of blockchain in Finance and Supply Chain management. Mr Kumar has also served as the sales director of Nanometrics Inc in Canada where he led the Asia Pacific sales efforts. Prior to his business experience he was involved in design and implementation of large scale IT networks for mission critical disaster systems such as the National Tsunami system at Indonesia, Egypt and in India.

Technology Expertise:
▪ Financial technology
▪ Banking technology
▪ Blockchain in Finance and Supply chain management
▪ Application of machine learning and deep learning in retail and finance.
▪ Healthcare IT strategy

Business Experience:
▪ Management strategy
▪ Channel design
▪ Business IT strategy
▪ International business
▪ Blockchain strategy and economics
Notable Projects

▪ Middle east Healthcare IT strategy for Fortune 500 company. Devised healthcare IT strategy with a focus on electronic health record and public health record systems.
▪ Indonesia Automotive IoT strategy for a Fortune 500 company.
▪ E-money strategy and implementation for a large multi-national Japanese bank in Southeast Asia.
▪ Comprehensive business strategy for blockchain in agricultural supply chain and agricultural credit services for a large agricultural brand from India.


Onfloor Seminar Day 1 (Seamless Indonesia 2017) @ 15:00

Understanding blockchain disruption in retail and finance : The hype and the reality

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