Poonam Sagar | Co-Owner
P.T. Infotech Solutions | Indonesia

Poonam Sagar, Co-Owner, P.T. Infotech Solutions

Poonam Sagar, an IT entrepreneur, consultant, and mentor with special interest in digital media, online applications and ecommerce, based in Indonesia.

Co-owner of an international technology company focusing on niche broadcast media software solutions and ecommerce solutions for retailers (www.infotech.co.id). Poonam is also the founder of the successful community information hub for Indians in Indonesia (www.indoindians.com), and has also been involved with startups.

She is an alumnus of IIM, Ahmadabad and has three post graduate degrees in science, business and technology, and is an avid reader and blogger (www.poonamsagar.com). She balances a fulfilling life of family, work and contribution with a motto to Learn, Apply and Give Back. www.linkedin.com/in/poonam


Onfloor Seminar Day 1 (Seamless Indonesia 2017) @ 14:30

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Onfloor Seminar Day 2 (Seamless Indonesia 2017) @ 11:00

eCommerce Strategy: Building communities to drive revenue and growth

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