Nicola Morelli | Chief Executive Officer | Indonesia

Nicola Morelli, Chief Executive Officer,

Head of business, customer/user engagement strategist, digital media creator. I can lead, connect, create and make things happen. CX Architect. Passionate about new technologies and their application to problem-solving, utilities and branding (specialised in mobile intelligence). 

Constantly interested in opportunities to work with like-minded people on significant new projects.

In my two startups, my team and I have been building, end-to-end, more than 50 projects related to Mobile Marketing: apps, websites, ads, landing pages, microsites. User Experience, User Interaction Design and Visual Design. Web Design, E-commerce and M-commerce, Display Media. 

20+ years Business Development and Sales experience.

Last eight years full-time experience in leading new digital media start-ups, with digital mobility as the core strength. Educational background in architecture&design, with experience in design and construction business, project management, negotiations and business development.


Seamless Indonesia 2017 - Day 1 @ 11:40

Chair's opening remarks

Seamless Indonesia 2017 - Day 1 @ 15:30

Chair's closing remarks

E-Commerce & Retail University Indonesia 2017 (Day 1) @ 11:00

An introduction to e-commerce website design

A 45 minute workshop introducing you to the fundamentals you need to consider before embarking on your e-commerce web store. The session will also include a discussion on the pros and cons of creating your own site from scratch versus using one of the many platforms that do the job for you.

Seamless Indonesia 2017 - Day 2 @ 11:40

Chair's opening remarks

Seamless Indonesia 2017 - Day 2 @ 15:10

Chair's closing remarks

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