Mohammad Aslam | Director of Fraud
BPC Banking Technologies (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd | Philippines

Mohammad Aslam, Director of Fraud, BPC Banking Technologies (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd

Aslam Mohammad is the Director of Fraud Solution at BPC Asia Pacific, based in Singapore. He has more than 17 years of experience in helping lenders to reduce payment card fraud losses, identify new fraud threats such as phishing and card-not-present fraud, and incorporate predictive analytics and technology to improve fraud risk management.

He currently focuses on working with lenders throughout Asia Pacific in managing their use of Smart Vista Fraud management, and building an even more robust & dynamic fraud detection solution, with next generation predictive analytics and deep learning Aslam possesses extensive domain knowledge of enterprise and insider fraud space, and has been instrumental in helping develop BPC’s foothold in the Asia Pacific region within the payment card community.

As a result of his effort and close interaction with customers, BPC’s SmartVista Fraud Solution has been and will continue to be designed to meet the need of financial institutions across the globe. Aslam obtained a degree in Computer Science from University of Toronto. Aslam regularly represents BPC as a payment fraud subject matter expert at various regional banking conferences and forums in the Asia Pacific region.


Onfloor Seminar Day 2 (Seamless Indonesia 2017) @ 11:30

Mitigating fraud in the payment space

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