Marcus Yeung | CEO
Seabridge Partners | Singapore

Marcus Yeung, CEO, Seabridge Partners

Marcus is the Founder and Managing Partner of SEAbridge Partners, a leading tech investment banking firm in SE Asia, with offices in Singapore, Tokyo and Jakarta. Marcus has over 25 years of investment experience on both the buy side and sell side in SE Asia, Japan and Europe. He has held senior management positions in several top financial institutions and companies. Prior to SEAbridge, he was Executive Director of The Carlyle Group, CFO of Singapore Power International and Director of SG Warburg.

Although an investment banker by profession, Marcus is an entrepreneur by heart. He founded and ran Smooch, the pioneer of the smoothie market in Japan, which he successfully exited in 2011. With all-round experience as a CEO, CFO, PE/VC investor, corporate investor, investment banker and an entrepreneur, Marcus is in a unique position to give insight on and advise on all aspects of the investment process. Outside work, Marcus is active in Effective Altruism. He is also a certified fitness instructor and is bilingual in English and Japanese.


Seamless Indonesia 2017 - Day 1 @ 12:30

The challenges and strategies for fundraising from overseas investors for e-commerce

  • Differences between cross border and domestic fundraising
  • Fundraising strategies targeting overseas investors and how companies can prepare for it
  • Investors' concern when looking to invest in Indonesian companies

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