J.P. Ellis | CEO
Compare88 Group | Indonesia

J.P. Ellis, CEO, Compare88 Group

Co-founded and leading Singapore-based C88 Financial Technologies’ roll-out in Se Asia. Own and operate the largest financial e-commerce websites in Indonesia (CekAja.com, Premiro.com) and The Philippines (eCompareMo.com). Columbia University undergrad and former development researcher, turned emerging markets private equity executive and now fintech founder, J. P. is also a co-founder of the Indonesian FinTech Association. 
Credit scoring evolution and future for leading retailers


Seamless Indonesia 2017 - Day 1 @ 14:50

The latest in digital consumer credit scoring techniques for retailers in Indonesia

  • Challenges, learnings and experiences in credit scoring for retailers
  • Psychometric scoring and alternative data but also more traditional credit scoring
  • How forward thinking organizations are applying the latest in digital assessment technology for safe, fast, inclusive consumer lending

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