Ian Dewar | Head of Customer Lifecycle
The North Face | United States

Ian Dewar, Head of Customer Lifecycle, The North Face

Ian Dewar calls himself an accidental marketer. Arriving in the outdoor industry on two wheels his evolution from a bicycle tour guide to managing Customer Lifecycle and Analytics for The North Face was an exercise in perseverance. The route to The North Face started with creating unique experiences and a lifetime of building strong relationship marketing skills. Projects Ian has called “work” over the years include creating VIP programs at the Tour de France, blogging from the Hawaii Ironman and leading treks to Everest Base Camp. Building on his outdoor and customer experience Ian developed and manages the VIPeak Rewards program for The North Face. Combining consumer loyalty with activity based rewards and offering outdoor adventures as benefits, VIPeak Rewards was built to better understand The North Face customer and to reward that customer for doing what they love. In 2016 Ian was recognized by CIO.com and Drexel University as one of the 50 leading analytics professionals in the United States through their Analytics 50 program. Ian holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Queen’s University and a Masters of Development Economics from Dalhousie University.


Seamless Indonesia 2017 - Day 1 @ 15:00

Beyond omnichannel: how can e-commerce merchants prepare for the unified commerce future

  • How to position “loyalty programs” in light of a shifting landscape
  • Macroeconomic and consumer trends shaping innovation in loyalty
  • Best practices for driving a disruptive strategy for your company

E-Commerce & Retail University Indonesia 2017 (Day 2) @ 15:00

5 loyalty programme ideas which will drive e-commerce customer retention

This 45 minute workshop provide you with the right elements to use loyalty and engagement as a tool to drive revenue, build relationships with your customers, and determine how to reward the right people. During the session you will learn when and how you should reward your customers while driving them back and how to measure the success..

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