Cally Alexandra | General Manager
Crowdo | Indonesia

Cally Alexandra, General Manager, Crowdo

Cally Alexandra is the General Manager of Crowdo (Indonesia), a regional fintech startup offering a portfolio of peer-to-peer lending and securities crowdfunding solutions in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. She oversees all activities in the Indonesian region, demonstrating and enforcing high standards to make certain that every aspect of the company remains competitive. Before joining Crowdo, Cally has significantly contributed to banking and securities institutions for 8 years, primarily in Commercial Banking. She has been involved in financial services since 2006, achieving numerous accomplishments such as managing Commercials Loan of 23 Companies with total portfolio of U$74millions, generating acquiring new corporate clients in both funding and lending sectors. Furthermore, she has consolidated many client data for various multinational banks



Seamless Indonesia 2017 - Day 2 @ 12:10

Growth drivers for P2P lending and equity crowd funding

  • Latest Fintech trends driving Financial Inclusion
  • ┬áLeveraging robust and scalable P2P technology aligned with established business models
  • Aligning back-end systems to support financial inclusion focused digital services

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