Warrick Kernes | Founder & Managing Director
Action Gear

Warrick Kernes, Founder & Managing Director, Action Gear

After graduating Honours from University of Johannesburg Warrick Kernes spent three years in the UK and was rewarded with the accomplishment of being recognized as "London's Outstanding Young Business Person of 2009" in the HSBC Business Awards. The following year he returned home and started Action Cameras SA which was the first company to import GoPro and other action cam brands. In 2013 Action Cameras evolved into Action Gear with a wider range of products and has since been a leader in the Drone market. The Action Gear team, lead by Warrick, has a deep routed culture in customer service and in creating raving fans. This culture was validated in the 2015 eCommerce Awards when Action Gear won the top prize for "Best Customer Service" in South African eCommerce. Action Gear continues today as a leading eCommerce retailer. 

Outside of the office Warrick lives his passion for endurance sports and adventure through multiple ultra distance races and long distance expeditions. In 2016 he cycled from Joburg to Kilimanjaro on a single-speed Buffalo bicycle and raised enough funds for 57 children to receive Qhubeka bikes to improve their access to education. 


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And the winner is… ActionGear and their approach to authentic customer service

  •     Applying the 80/20 rule to customer experience
  •     Delivery is what makes or breaks the perception of your service 
  •     Managing expectations and over delivering 
  •     Differentiating your offering
  •     Make a fuss about positive feedback  

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