Lise Sperling | Executive Director - NSW/ACT
Australian Flexible Pavement Association

Lise Sperling, Executive Director - NSW/ACT, Australian Flexible Pavement Association

Lise Sperling has achieved Honours in a Bachelor of Town Planning (University of New South Wales) and Masters of Environmental Law (University of Sydney). She has held various leadership and senior management roles across all levels of Government, private and not-for-profit sectors. Lise has led the design and implementation of many highly complex, contentious, and sensitive policies, programs, campaigns, initiatives and projects across all State and Territories in Australia, as well as London, England.

With almost 20 years of professional experience and expertise, Lise has a sophisticated understanding of the current and emerging issues in the building and construction sector and an excellent understanding of the dynamic political landscape, policy and budgetary context. Lise is deeply passionate and strongly advocates for diversity and inclusion, specifically seeking to raise awareness and address the barriers and issues faced by women in the sector.


Day 2 @ 12:00

Diversity in the roads construction industry

last published: 08/Jul/21 12:57 GMT

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