Our Story



Our Story

Over the next 10 years, Australia plans to spend more than $100 billion on transport infrastructure, including the construction of new roads and tunnels, road upgrades, urban congestion-busting, implementation of automated and electric vehicles and more.

Since COVID-19, the need to re-connect and upskill, as well as uncover innovative products and services, has never been more relevant.

In 2020, we are introducing a new virtual format which provides attendees with felxibility to attend from wherever they are in the world!

Plus the free-to-attend virtual  expo host 150 exhibitors who are on hand either virtually to answer attendee questions and guide you through this post-COVID-19 world. This is the only place to compare innovative products and services from multiple providers.

For businesses in the industry, the National Roads & Traffic Expo is an unrivalled sales and marketing opportunity for companies that provide solutions and services to the road planning, building and the operating ecosystem.

For people within the industry, the National Roads & Traffic Expo offers attendees the opportunity to particpiate in hundreds of FREE information sessions.  

The Expo is also a meeting place for high level attendees from road agencies and operators (including VicRoads, Roads & Maritime Services NSW, Main Roads Western Australia, etc) and their supply chain members - particularly contractors and civil engineering consultants.


Prior to the launch of the National Roads & Traffic Expo, Australia lacked a large, international-style, industry trade show. The show is a central and independent event that brings EVERYONE together virtually, at the same time. 

By bringing everyone together to collaborate and co-operate, we can enlarge the pie for EVERYONE to benefit.

Managed in this way, the National Roads & Traffic Expo does not compete with other conferences, but rather complements them.

Our Mission

Work together to:

  • Ease congestion
  • Save time & improve efficiency
  • Link Rural and Urban Areas
  • Improve road safety
  • Facilitate business opportunities
  • Job creation
  • Future proof infrastructure
  • Enable Connected & Autonomous vehicles

Shape the Future of YOUR Industry

  • Thought leadership
  • Educate the market
  • Start a discussion
  • Hold business meeting
  • Set up partnerships
  • Demonstrate your capabilities
  • Build your brand
  • Find out about new tenders


We are inviting your business to support the industry and together build Australia’s only truly large-scale, all-encompassing, international-style trade show for the entire roads ecosystem.

Join us on 30 November - 1 December
Don't miss the chance to be part of the biggest industry event of the year.





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