Simplify Your Employee Onboarding and data management with Staffd.
Applicant Management, Employee Onboarding & Skill Management, Employee eLearning and Client Onboarding.

At Staffd we believe the hiring process should be simple and easy, efficient and effective. Our paperless application, onboarding and eLearning process places essential data at your fingertips so your company will enjoy premium recruitment efficiency.

Staffd offers a seamless and paperless experience. New hires can complete necessary forms online and digitally sign offer letters, aligning with company policies and ensuring compliance with legal requirements. The platform supports the secure uploading of important documents contributing to a more organised and efficient onboarding process.

Additionally, Staffd eLearning module enables businesses to create engaging training programs accessible on any device. This feature allows for the inclusion of multimedia content, quizzes, and even custom company inductions. It enhances the learning experience, ensuring employees are well-prepared and compliant with company standards.

Overall, Staffd is a user-friendly platform that significantly reduces administrative tasks and optimises the hiring and training processes, leading to improved business efficiency and employee engagement.