Polyroad Stabilising


Polyroad is a unique product used in pavement stabilisation. Our product is 100% Australian designed, developed and worldwide, (30+ years) experience, we have very strong interest for supply especially in the current environment of new & existing road infrastructure.
Polyroad binders were first incorporated into pavements in Australia in 1988 and have since been extensively used in National State Highways in Australia, Europe and parts of Asia.
Polyroad is a polymer product, that is an innovative high technology flexible soil stabilizer which retains dry material values in wet conditions and provides an environmental umbrella against climate changes. It has wide usage in infrastructure projects, new road constructions.
Polyroad is interested in promoting this unique solution and pitch it to councils, infrastructure companies and to a targeted audience to win more contracts on a national scale.
Polyroad would like to target various levels of government departments such as local councils, state governments, as well as infrastructure firms, and civil contractors to win more contracts and get wider industry recognition and milage.
To achieve this, Polyroad needs a presence on the exhibition floor to showcase its expertise and demonstrate how this unique product can save road surfaces and eliminate the need for resurfacing for years to come.